Need Help Networking for a Marketing Career? Use These 3 Tools

Need Help Networking for a Marketing Career


Networking is a vital part of a marketing career, no matter the years of experience the candidate has. Those who do not network will find it difficult to obtain new job opportunities throughout their careers. Smart marketing candidates have cast a wide net to reel in the best career opportunities, using technology to their advantage.

Networking does not have to bog you down, nor take up a ton of your time. It is something that can be done a couple hours per month or more, if you feel the need. Just remember one thing: Networking makes all the difference throughout the life of your career. If you need to improve your marketing career, use the three tools discussed in this article.

Spiceworks 7.0: Free Mobile Device Management

One of the most recommended networking tools out there today is the Spiceworks 7.0. This is a free mobile device management system that lets you take it wherever you go. It is perfect for the marketing professional who is always on the go, traveling from city to city for events and gigs hosted by their employer or employer’s clients. This software allows you to manage the smartphones and tablets of employees around the world. If an issue ever arises with their devices, the software will allow you to fix that issue without having the device in hand.

GlassWire Network Monitor

GlassWire Network Monitor is another free network tool that many professionals use today to help their marketing career. The software provides a graph for you to view that shows the activity of your network as well as the apps being used by computers on your network. The program keeps a log of network activity for up to 30 days at a time. If malware or other suspicious activity is detected, GlassWire will monitor the activity and send the user alerts.

Netwrix Account Lockout Examiner

What is more frustrating than getting locked out of an account? It’s so hard remembering all the different login names and passwords one has for their variety of social media accounts, personal accounts, work accounts and more. This is a free tool that every marketing professional should have on their devices. The software allows you to troubleshoot locked accounts after receiving an alert from Netwrix.

If you are having trouble networking in your marketing career, then it is time to make a change. There are plenty of free networking tools out there today that can help anyone in the marketing field take charge. Give one or all three discussed today a try. And if you still need help finding a new marketing career, click to browse our open positions today!







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