Why “Hiring People Smarter Than You” is a Good Leadership Practice

Why Hiring People Smarter Than You is a Good Leadership Practice


There are so many management professionals out there who refuse to hire people smarter than them because they fear it will lead to them losing their job. The simple fact of the matter, however, is that it is important to hire people smarter than you for various reasons. One of those reasons is that it is in the best interest of the company to hire the most talented people available for open jobs. Use these tips to learn why hiring people smarter than you is a good leadership practice.

Reduction in Micromanagement

When you hire people smarter than you, the amount of micromanagement you will have to do will decrease immensely. Spending time micromanaging employees is never good for a company’s bottom line. In fact, it can be a major waste of time, talent and resources when managers have to hold the hands of employees or continually walk them through projects. When you hire people smarter than you, those employees will not have to be led through the darkness to reach a solution.

Better Locus of Control

Hiring people smarter than you will also lead to better locus of control with your employees. Locus of control is when people are able to take personal responsibility for failures they experience in their life and work. When this happens, you will see employees blaming outside circumstances less when mistakes occur. These employees will also learn from their mistakes, preventing the same problems in the future.

Handle Problems Better

Do you have trouble handling certain problems at the office? If so, consider hiring people smarter than you. If a problem arises that has you angry and upset, there might be someone even angrier with the same problem in the office. If this is the case, they might know more about the issue and how to remedy the problem. Put this person in charge of the issue and see how the situation plays out. When you hire people smarter than you, problems become easier to solve.

When you hire people smarter than you, it should not be taken as a threat. Instead, it needs to be looked at as a step in the right direction for the entire organization. Change your hiring habits and thinking today. You will see a difference almost immediately!

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