How Can Hiring Temp Workers Improve Your Workplace?



Are there times when you wish you had one more set of hands around the workplace?

Maybe an employee is on extended leave, or your business experiences seasonal fluctuations in demand?  Maybe there is a large project looming and it will be difficult to integrate these duties amongst the other day-to-day tasks that must be completed?

No matter the reason, the answer is the same.

Hiring temp workers allows your business to bring in an employee when you need them, without the hassles involved in hiring an employee on your own.  If you aren’t sure this is the right move for your business, consider these other benefits of hiring temp workers.

Temps Have Competitive Skills

A temporary employee can be just as skilled and experienced as your other employees.  Staffing firms are just as rigorous in determining if an applicant’s skills match your needs as you would be.  All applicants go through interviews and screening processes to ensure they meet the same level of standard as the business with which they work.

Temporary workers may be college educated in their field of expertise and may hold significant on-the-job experience.  Just because a worker is temporary doesn’t mean they are not the type of employee you would hire yourself.

No HR Burden

Not only does a temporary not need to be put through your hiring and onboarding processes, they will not ever be on your official payroll.  Temporary workers are employees of the staffing office for which they work.  This means that you will never bear the burden of payroll processing, unemployment insurance, or any other cost traditionally associated with managing personnel.  Instead, the staffing firm will handle all of those requirements while all you have to worry about is paying an invoice.

Here When You Need Them, and Not When You Don’t

As a business, you have few specific time obligations to the temporary worker.  If a project is completed ahead of schedule, you can end the assignment early.  If the need continues past the original end date, you may be able to continue working with the same temporary employee you have been, or you can choose to work with a different temporary worker if your needs shift.

Can’t Live Without Them? You Can Hire Them!

In cases where you can’t imagine operating without the temp workers, they may be eligible to become a full-time employee.  If you both feel it is a good fit, and all proper processes are followed per your contingent staffing agreements, then you can bring them on to your payroll as a new employee.

Want More Information About How Temporary Workers Can Help Your Business?

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