Looking for a Career in IT? Now Is the Right Time!



Technology.  It’s in almost every environment; work, home, school, and play.  Technology continues to grow and change, creating new ways to accomplish tasks big and small in the most sophisticated office buildings and the largest production facilities.

It can be said with a particular level of certainty that technology is here to stay, which makes this an excellent time to start a career in the field of information technology (IT).  Whether you are interested in creating new products and programs, securing networks from outside intrusion, or assisting users with getting the most out of their technological resources, IT is where the work is.

Diversity in the Sector

Long gone are the days where IT was a simple category on its own.  Today, there are a variety of specialties, often with additional subspecialties within them, which require different knowledge bases and skill sets to perform the associated duties successfully.  Larger IT departments may have database administrators, information security analysts, network architects, software developers, and computer programmers.

As voice and messaging technologies interconnect with network technology, newer hybrids are being created in the areas of voice over IP (VoIP) and unified messaging.  The proliferation of mobile devices, including interest in the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) movement has increased the need for specialized support.

With all of the potential careers in the field, it is likely you can find one, or a few, that interest you personally.

Diversity in the Work Environment

Today, computers are common place in almost every type of business.  Whether you are working for the federal, state or local government, a large corporate entity, or a small business, you will likely use a computer during the day.  Even restaurants have seen increases in the use of networking technologies as the option to use tablets at customer tables has increased.

With the widespread use comes opportunities in every arena.  Whether you are interested in working for a large tech firm or would prefer to consult for multiple small businesses, IT skills are necessary in all walks of life.

This also makes skills highly transferrable, as IT skills can be applied in a large number of environments in almost every city across the country.  Not only does this help in terms of career advancement, it also means you are never completely stuck working in one business, one city, or even one state.  Your career can travel with you wherever you choose to go.

Competitive Pay and Benefits

Many IT professions are expected to have faster than average growth within the U.S. and unemployment rates in the sector are generally low. This makes the demand for skilled IT professional rise as businesses compete for the best talent. Along with the increase in demand comes higher rates of pay and solid benefits.

It is not uncommon, based on data from the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, for an IT professional to earn well above $80,000 per year.  Additionally, most IT professional work full-time, so they often have access to additional benefits such as medical and retirement options.

Starting Your Next Career

Whether you are considering a new career in IT, or are interested in taking your current IT career in a different direction, the specialists at Advance Staffing Solutions can help guide you along with way.  Contact us today and see where your career can take you.







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