3 Cool Tech Tools to Improve Your Job Search



Searching for a new job can be both exciting and overwhelming.  Whether it is working your way through applicant tracking systems, keeping multiple online profiles up-to-date, and networking through social media, technology has never been as prevalent in the process as it is today.  If you are looking for ways to stay ahead of the competition in your job search, having technology working for you instead of simply being with you, here are three innovative tech tools that can give you an edge.

Jobscan Your Way to a Better Resume

If it seems like you are never getting called in for an interview, it is possible your resume is to blame.  Many companies use automated screening processes designed to eliminate certain resumes based on the presence or lack of certain key information.  If your resume doesn’t fit the parameters, it may not even be seen by a person before being removed from contention.

In cases like these, Jobscan is the perfect tool to whip your resume into shape.  Jobscan takes your resume and compares it directly to the job posting to which you are applying, and provides guidance based what is, or is not, present in your resume.  This allows you to tweak your information to put you in the best position possible to have your resume seen by an actual person.

Purple Squirrel is Your Inside Connection

Purple Squirrel provides you with direct access to people who are currently working for your target company.  The current employees, referred to as Ambassadors, provide knowledge to those looking to become an employee themselves.  Interested parties can review the Ambassadors information, schedule a consultation, and receive feedback regarding potential next steps, all from one place.

While contact with an Ambassador does not guarantee employment, it can be used to learn about unadvertised positions, as well as obtain referrals from those who are currently connected with the company.

At this time, Purple Squirrel is still in beta, but you can apply for an invite from the site.  Additionally, Ambassadors can charge fees for their services, but all employment is verified prior to their account activation, so if you pay for a chance to talk to someone at your dream company, you can rest assured that they truly do work there.

The Premium Side of LinkedIn

LinkedIn offers various levels of premium membership, each with additional offerings that may be useful to a job hunter.  For example, the lowest tier plan, receive additional InMail message benefits and can retrieve more details about the people who view your profile.  The next tier provides advanced search filters and adds unlimited search options in your extended network.

There are more advanced tiers as well, allowing you to take as much control over your LinkedIn profile’s destiny as you wish, but even the lower tiers provide insight that can be used to craft a more effective profile.

Help From the Experts

Staffing firm professionals also have the ability to market you to companies and locate unadvertised listings.  If you would like help with your job search, contact Advance Staffing Solutions today!  Let our 25 years of staffing experience work for you.








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