Passion vs. Profession – Ask Yourself These 5 Questions Before Making a Career Decision



The idea of following your passion can seem like the ultimate achievement.  If you are considering whether you should stay on your current path or change directions, consider these five questions to see if your passion is really where you should be headed, and whether or not this is a wise career decision.

Do you truly know where your passion lies?

While many people love the idea of following their passion, not everyone has something in their lives they are passionate about.  We are raised to believe that our passion will be some kind of deep-seated need that simply cannot be ignored.  While this will be true for some, others may not have found something that moves them to that level.

Others may have passions, but that doesn’t mean they necessarily connect to any particular job opportunities or career options.

Do you have a plan?

Unless your passion will immediately replace the income and benefits of your profession, a plan is necessary.  This includes financial planning to deal with any changes in income, as well as covering for benefits that are attached to your current employer, such as medical insurance and retirement options.

Additionally, if following your passion is going to require additional resources, such as space to work or longer hours, you should examine how these changes will impact the rest of your commitments and plan accordingly.

Can you still make ends meet?

Regardless of the path you choose, certain expenses will need to be met.  Even people who are completely debt free have monthly expenses, such as food and utilities.  If you are going to follow your passion, it needs to be able to provide for you in a sustainable way, unless you have other mechanisms available to cover your costs.

For example, a dual income household may be able to cover all of the required expenses through one income, allowing the other person to potentially pursue their passion.

Does your passion provide value to others?

While you may be incredibly passionate about the topic, others may not feel the same way.  In order for your passion to work as a profession, it must provide the kind of value that others want to support, ideally by becoming customers.  This may require doing a large amount of research into the field, working on improving your education, and learning about the demand for the product or service.

Is there demand in the area you plan to operate?

In some cases, there may not be a high demand for a particular product or service in a particular geographically area, which can make it a difficult passion to pursue if the goal is oriented more towards direct interaction, such as through brick and mortar stores.  In cases where the majority of the operations can be conducted online, demand can be examined based on a larger region.

At other times, the demand may exist, but high competition can pose a challenge.  This can be apparent in many industries, such as restaurants.  In these cases, you must determine how to differentiate yourself from other offerings.

Maybe You Just Need a Change?

In the end, you may not be frustrated with your current profession as much as you are with your current position.  If it is possible that all you need is a change of scenery, consider other options in your current field, or a closely related one. If you need help finding new opportunities, the professionals at Advance Staffing Solutions have the expertise you need.  Contact us today and take your career in a new direction.







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