5 Ways to Prove You’re Ready for a Warehouse Promotion



Sometimes you just know that you are ready for a promotion.  But the decision isn’t just up to you.  You have to make sure your supervisor, manager, and other powers that be feel the same way.  So, how do you go about proving that you are up to a new challenge?  Consider these five tips to get you started.

1. Be a “Go To” Employee

If you want to make an impression, be the employee that solves problems.  Take the opportunity to provide additional benefit to the company by doing more than just reporting problems and waiting for instructions.  If you think you have an answer, offer it when you bring the issue to the attention of the proper people.  This shows that you have initiative and that you are able to find your own solutions.

By making this a trend in how you report issues, they may think of you when other problems arise.  Being considered an expert problem-solver is an ideal place to be.

2. Take (Temporary) Leadership Roles

There is more to running an organization than the nitty-gritty of daily work.  Many businesses have a variety of events throughout the year.  Maybe your company is making an appearance at a job fair or is planning an employee appreciation event.  If the opportunity to volunteer for groups and committees that are running an event, even casual ones, you give yourself a chance to demonstrate your leadership and management skills in a noticeable way.

3.  Assist Your Supervisor

Sometimes, the easiest way to get the opportunity to learn the tasks associated with a promotion is to do some of the work.  Speak with your boss about opportunities to learn, or to take certain tasks off of their plate.  Offer to lead the next staff meeting, or create training materials for new employees.  See if there is a project you can oversee, or if they could simply use a hand.  You will gain experience in some of the key areas of working in a leadership position for your company and can score kudos along the way.

4. Improve Your Skills in Relevant Ways

Learn what the weak points in the group’s skillsets, and fill in the gaps.  Cross-train into relevant areas, and pursue educational and training opportunities whenever possible.  Take time to learn the ins and outs of the entire business, and see what you can do to provide more value than you already do.

5. Ask for a Promotion

Sometimes the easiest way to get a promotion is to ask for one.  Managers rarely spend their time worrying about who they will promote next.  Your career is your priority, not theirs.  By being upfront about your desire for a promotion, you make sure your name is on the table.

This also opens a dialogue about current opportunities, as well as if they think you have the skills necessary.  If they seem hesitant, ask if there is anything that you need to work on to be considered.  Consider this discussion a positive, as it will provide insight you may otherwise miss out on.

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