Improve Your Technical Employees Satisfaction! Use These Tips



It is well known that happy employees are better for a company’s bottom line. Employees represent the company in public and are more productive when they are actually working. During the height of the recent recession, many employees understood when company’s had to tighten their belts, and they made a number of sacrifices. Now that the economy is recovering, employees have begun looking for the benefits they once had.

Hiring in the technical sector has become highly competitive. This means it will take more effort to keep your top performing technical employees around. To increase their job satisfaction, consider the following tips.

Reevaluate Your Benefits Package

When the recession hit, many companies stripped down their benefits packages to help make ends meet. Now that things are stabilizing, it is time to see how your benefits package compares to the competition. If employee contributions for health insurance were raised during tough times, see if they can be lowered now. This includes the introduction of high-deductible plans as well as the cost of monthly premiums. Bring health insurance costs down is always well received.

Similarly, retirement packages need to be examined. Now may be the time to increase the company match for a 401(k), or look into providing employees with stock options with the company. If retirement adjustments can’t be made, promote a healthier work/life balance with additional paid time off.

Increase Flexibility

Allowing employees to assert some level of control over their lives will increase their overall job satisfaction. Whether this involves creating alternate or flexible work schedules, or the ability to work remotely, providing options on how work can be accomplished will help employees better manage the demands of their work and life. Every employee has different scheduling needs. By promoting a method for working with these difference, and not forcing every employee into the same schedule, can provide relief to a variety of stress points.

Keep the Lines of Communication Open

Many businesses blindsided employees during the last recession. Those working in the trenches often didn’t know the full extent of the trouble their company was in until people were being shown the door. With those memories still very clear in the minds of anyone working during that time, being open and transparent with employees can go a long way. This means telling them to good and the bad, regardless of what it may be. Informed employees may be more likely to rally behind a company that treats them well, and is open about the current situation, allowing them to work towards solving your problem by your side.

Provide Opportunities for Growth and Advancement

Your best technical employees will relish the chance to learn new systems and advance their knowledge. Many top performers want to be able to keep growing within their field. By providing built-in mechanisms to support that idea, you can keep the more talented interested.

Consider creating a training budget to help employees explore new technologies. You can also create a mentorship or cross-training plan for internal development. If you want to promote furthering their educations, consider tuition reimbursement programs.

Want More Ways to Keep Employees Satisfied?

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