Can You Turn Down a Job Offer Without Burning a Bridge?



There are a number of reasons you may need to turn down a job offer, but that doesn’t mean you might not want the chance to say “yes” to another opportunity in the future. To make sure that you can have that option in the future, it is important to decline the offer in the proper fashion. Here are some tips to make that difficult conversation easier and help you preserve your positive reputation.

Recognize You Have the Right to Say No

The first step is turning down a job opportunity with class and professionalism is to know that you are allowed to decline. Just as the hiring company had the right to offer the position to whomever they choose, you have the right to decide it isn’t the best move for you right now to accept. For example, if the compensation offered will not meet your current needs, it is okay to turn down the opportunity. Similarly, if you are not a fit for the current culture, you can decline.

The interview is a chance for the company to assess you and for you to evaluate the company. It is perfectly fine to decide that they are not currently the right fit for your needs and mature to recognize that circumstances may change in the future.

Don’t Hide the Reason

Turning down a job offer without leaving a negative impression requires honesty on your part. That fact that you regrettably have to decline will likely make more sense to the hiring manager if you explain what has happened, or what has changed. For example, a co-worker or supervisor unexpectedly left the business, and your workload has increased significantly, you may not feel right about making a touch situation harder on your current co-workers. Or you may have been preparing to relocate to a new city, but they want you to start before you will officially arrive and the start date can’t be changed.

In either of those circumstances, it is best to be open about what has occurred. Inform them directly over-the-phone whenever possible, and thank them for the opportunity and consideration. You can even express your disappointment that this didn’t work out and add that you hope they would consider you again in the future.

Keep Connected

Whether through LinkedIn or industry-specific events, take the time to connect with the hiring manager and other employees of the company. After declining a position, your resume will likely be relegated to the back of a file drawer (or even the garbage can). By making an effort to keep in touch with the people you met during the interview process, you will never become just another resume in a sea of applicants.

Instead, you will be able to maintain yourself as part of their sphere of concern. Even casual conversation and positive feedback can help keep you fresher in the hiring manager’s mind. If the business experiences a triumph, congratulate them on their success. If you see a piece of news that may apply to them, consider forwarding it along. This helps you become familiar in their eyes and can make it easier to land another opportunity if the door opens again.

Looking for More?

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