Why You Should Encourage Employees to Use Their Vacation Days



It is estimated that employees in the United States typically fail to take approximately 429 million paid vacation days on a yearly basis. Sometimes, employees hesitate to spend time away because they are concerned what will happen in their absence. They may fear the office will fall behind (or apart) without them there, or that it will suddenly become apparent that they aren’t truly needed. Others just dread the idea of coming back to a pile of work to do after taking a week to relax or think they need to save their time off for an emergency.

But taking time off to relax and rejuvenate is incredibly beneficial, to both the employee and the business for which they work. If you want to understand these benefits to help encourage employees to take time off, then consider the following points.

Benefits for the Employee

Taking time off on a regular basis provides the employee with a variety of mental and physical health benefits. It allows them to get away from a source of stress in their lives and focus on other things. When the employee returns, they can be better equipped to learn new information or skills, more efficient at problem-solving, and allows the brain to recharge more fully. It can relieve symptoms of depression, improve sleep, and inspire them to be more creative.

There is also evidence that employees who take regular vacations may live longer than their workaholic counterparts. It can also lower the risk of disease and may be beneficial to heart health.

Benefits for the Company

When an employee takes regular vacation time, the company gets all of the benefits of the employees increased performance. The employee may be more productive on the job and feel increased motivation to work. Having employees feel present and engaged on the job can lead to significant positive changes in productivity levels, which can benefit the company’s bottom line while making for a more pleasant work atmosphere.

Encouraging Employees to Take Time Off

It isn’t always easy to determine the best way to encourage employees to use their vacation days, but there are a few strategies that are easy to integrate into more workplaces. The first step is to make sure you take your vacation days, and that you do so openly. This allows you to lead by example and helps employees for more confident about choosing to use their time off.

Another key is making sure every position has some redundancy. Cross-train employees to manage each other’s positions, or at least the critical functions, so that everyone can take time off without the workplace screeching to a halt. Similarly, make sure that the workload is as reasonably distributed as possible to help employees feel less like there is simply too much work for them to take time off.

Finally, remind them that happier employees are often more motivated and more productive. This means that while, yes, some work may pile up while they are away, they may also be better equipped to manage it upon their return.

If there is truly a workload issue, maybe a temporary employee is the perfect solution. They can help make up for an employee’s absence, allowing your permanent employee to fully enjoy their time off. If you would like assistance finding an excellent candidate, contact Advance Staffing Solutions today.







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