Advance Your Career in 2017 (But Don’t Sacrifice Your Home Life!)



With a new year on the horizon, many people take some time to examine their goals for the future. Advancing your career is often an attractive idea, especially if you have some room to move up in your field. However, pursuing new opportunities shouldn’t come at the cost of everything else you have going in your life.

Most professionals feel the pressure to keep moving forward. We are led to believe that our identities are based more on what we do for a living than anything else. But there is a fine line between passionate enthusiasm and the road to professional (and personal) burnout.

Before you dedicate every ounce of energy to advancing your career, here are some tips to make sure that you still come out as you on the other side.

Understand Time is Precious

We are given a finite amount of time to make our way through the world, and only so much energy with which to do so. Dedicating every waking hour to work may help you further your career, but at what cost? If you don’t take time for something other than work, you may find your energy levels depleting quickly. Your performance may suffer, and you might discover that you simply don’t have the ability to keep going.

Taking time to focus on something enjoyable can help you recharge, allowing you to maintain your pace for longer than if you just try to push through the hard days. It is perfectly acceptable (and even recommended) to have something else in your life besides work. Don’t forget that some of your precious moments should be spent on you.

Nurture Your Relationships

Human beings are not solitary creatures by nature. We crave company and connection. If you through every ounce of energy you possess into your work, you may be missing out on events that occur outside of your workplace. The world in which you friends and family exist will change whether you are there to see it or not. And, by missing key moments, you may find yourself out-of-the-loop or even left behind.

Having quality relationships is essential to leading a full life. Don’t let your work take that away from you by over-committing to a plan for career advancement.

Don’t Pigeonhole Yourself

It is easy to become fixated on a particular idea when it comes to advancing your career. Maybe you are chasing a specific job title, position or opportunity with complete disregard to the options that may arise. While having focus can help you succeed, don’t let your world become so small that you don’t notice the chances outside of your initial plan.

By putting limits on how your career should move forward, you are typecasting yourself in your own life. Think about how your skills can be used in different arenas, and don’t be afraid to explore those options too. Don’t let job titles define who you are or where you want to be. You may be surprised by the number of ways you can use your skills to move forward.

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