Hidden Skills to Look For in Marketing Candidates



Success in marketing is driven by more than a college education and experience working in the industry. While those can be important, there are numerous other skills that are just as essential, and they are harder to identify. Being able to look beyond the resume for these hidden skills may help you separate the good candidates from the great.

Before you begin recruiting for your marketing position, here are the hidden talents you need to find to uncover the best applicant out there.


Marketing is an art; it requires creative thinking and innovation to continuously come up with new ideas for current and future campaigns. Whether the candidate is skilled in the areas of design or concept development, being able to see the product or service in new ways that will appeal to your target demographics is a crucial skill to succeed in the position.


To create powerful campaigns, marketing employees need to be articulate. Ideal candidates will have a strong grasp of formal and informal writing choices, as well as the ability to adapt the style to the product or service that is being promoted. While writing does involve creativity, it also adheres to certain structural norms. Candidates who do not use proper punctuation or include grammar errors in their materials will not reflect the level of professionalism you may require.

Public Speaking

If you need your marketing employees to pitch ideas to other members of the business or outside customers, then public speaking skills are essential. An ideal marketing candidate will be comfortable speaking to large crowds, as well as handling questions on the fly. They need to be calm under pressure and able to manage the unexpected.

For times when a preset presentation isn’t functioning properly, you need an applicant who can engage the audience and keep them interested, even in the face of technical difficulties.


A surprising amount of business involves negotiations. Marketing employees may need to coordinate budgets and timelines while managing expectations regarding deliverables. When working with outside clients, all of these tasks fall back on negotiating skills.

Work with vendors and suppliers also requires a deal be made. Negotiating helps ensure your business gets the products or services it needs at the best price available. When purchasing en masse, competent negotiators can save your company a notable sum.


While some technical skills are easy to identify – such as whether a candidate is familiar with a particular program – having a solid relationship with technology in general is actually much more useful. Someone who is tech-oriented understands that changes in that sector can impact their strategies and may require them to learn something new quickly.

Remember, Twitter didn’t exist until 2006, and Facebook was founded in 2004. Both of these mechanisms provided new avenues for marketing efforts, and some companies had the vision to take advantage before others.

Stress Management

Positions in marketing are often high stress. To be successful, a candidate needs to demonstrate that they can manage the pressure effectively, even when caught off-guard. This field of work can have short deadlines, change priorities, and little innate room for error. An employee working under those conditions need to be able to adjust quickly without panicking.

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