Is It Time For Your Company to Staff Up?



The end of the year is traditionally a time for reflection. In a business sense, companies often review budgets and create a plan for the upcoming year. This makes it an ideal time to consider your staffing needs for the future, and begin to staff up.

Recruiting is a vital part of any business strategy, but it can be challenging to decide if now is the right time to bring on new staff members. Whether your company recently added a vacancy or is considering supplementing your current team, here are some signs that now may be the right time to bring on an extra set of hands (or two!) and staff up.

Workload Issues

The biggest sign that it is time to bring on new employees is the simple inability to keep up with the current workload. Often, increasing workloads mean that business has also increased, which it an excellent development. But not being able to keep up with the new business could have repercussions.

While it is common to avoid overstaffing, if your ability to meet deadlines and complete tasks is compromised, that can have an adverse impact on business. Instead of running the risk of disappointing customers or members of management, it may just be time to invest in additional team members to manage the new pace.

Non-Emergent Tasks Take a Backseat

Sometimes you can keep up with the work that brings in the dollars, but other job duties begin to fall by the wayside. While letting non-vital tasks go during a short-term increase in business may be manageable, collecting a year’s worth of filing is a sign of a problem.

There are two ways to conquer a backlog of non-emergent tasks. One, you can hire an employee specifically to manage these tasks or to adjust the workload of others so that all members of the team can handle these duties more efficiently.

Your second option is to bring in a temporary or contract employee to manage these projects until the backlog is cleared. If the increase in business is temporary, as can be the case with seasonal businesses, a temporary employee may be just the ticket to get things back on track.

New Skill Gaps

A change in any business may make a skills gap more apparent. Whether you recently lost a team member that covered a specific subset of duties, or a change in process demands new skills to maintain an active workforce, the sudden appearance that the available skills are not enough is a sign to bring in someone new.

The longer a skills gap exists, the more operations in that area may suffer. Aside from slowing the pace of business, it can also lead to missed business opportunities as people scramble for a solution. Bringing in someone with those abilities lets you cover the gap immediately. They may also be able to cross-train co-workers, helping to prevent a similar situation in the future.

You’re Ready for New Ideas

Even the most competent team may become stagnant with time. Once everyone is familiar with the duties and has been using the same skills over the long-term, it may seem that new ideas are few and far between. Sometimes just bringing in a new set of eyes means you will have a source for ideas that current employees may not see.

When business is stable, and you have the room in your budget to bring in someone new, then they might be just the jumpstart you need to get things moving forward again.

If you think now is the right time to bring on someone new, the professionals at Advance Staffing Solutions have the knowledge you need to find the best fit for all of your permanent and temporary employment needs. Contact Advance Staffing Solutions today and let us help you staff up your workplace.







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