Motivation Low Around the Holiday Season? Use These Tips for an Instant Boost!



The holiday season has us pulled in all different directions. Preparing for family gatherings, budgeting for holiday shopping and the general demands surrounding the season can be overwhelming by themselves. Add the stress of the year-end activities at most workplaces, and it can be hard to keep yourself motivated to accomplish everything that needs to be done.

Set Reasonable Goals

Motivation can dwindle when it feels like the work is just piling up. However, you can make all of your responsibilities seem more manageable by dividing tasks into small specific goals. Whether the activities relate to work or your personal life, split each task into subtasks that can be completed in less than half an hour. That way, instead of trying to motivate yourself for the entire project, you just have to manage the motivation for a single task.

You can make yourself a list, set appointments on your calendar or use whatever method works for you. Then focus on the small task at hand until it is complete. Once you are done, check it off of your list and move on to the next. Just repeat the process, and you’ll reach the end before you know it.

The same process can also combat decision fatigue by spacing out the major decisions that have to be made.

Manage Your Health

When the pace of the holiday season has us scrambling, it is easy to neglect your own health. Besides the plethora of sweets and other seasonal food trappings, it is easy to put off workouts and even sleep. All of this can leave you tired and worn out. Making an effort to look after your health helps keep your energy levels up. You’ll be better equipped to manage the day when you provide yourself with the proper nutrition and take the time to exercise.

Additionally, make sure relaxation is part of your schedule. Whether it is participating in a hobby, watching your favorite holiday movie or kicking back with a book and some hot apple cider, taking time for yourself will help you recharge before the next challenge.

Enjoy the Outdoors

Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, affects many adults in the U.S. Symptoms are similar to those suffering from depression, including difficulty sleeping and a general sense of fatigue. The primary cause of SAD is simply a lack of sunlight. It’s dark later into the morning and earlier at night. This excess darkness can affect you in a negative way and make finding motivation more difficult.

The easiest way to combat SAD is to enjoy some time outdoors. While the cold weather may make this seem unappealing, it can actually provide significant benefits. Consider taking a brisk walk outside during your lunch break. Not only will this provide some needed outdoor time, but it also acts as a form of exercise. If you want to experience even more benefits, bring a friend along for a chat. Then you can get the social connection you need while you work towards a more motivated you.

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