Say Goodbye to Your Bad Job Before the New Year



Nothing inspires change like the new year. And, if you have been stuck in a bad situation, it may feel like the perfect time to pursue other opportunities. Whether you are accepting a new position or are choosing to make finding a new position your full-time job, it is important to leave your current job in the right manner.

As tempting as it may be to just drop your letter of resignation at the door and not look back, it may hurt your career to do so. To help you leave your current employer with grace and poise, consider these tips to handle the situation right.

Give Appropriate Notice

Unless your dream job starts tomorrow, giving two weeks’ notice is customary. Not only does this give your current employer a chance to determine who will handle your job duties in the interim, but it is also the polite thing to do. Leaving your current employer in the lurch will not reflect well on you, and you may need to rely on your (soon-to-be-former) supervisor and co-workers for references.

Give everyone a chance to develop an exit plan that doesn’t make things unnecessarily complicated on those you are leaving behind. If a full two weeks isn’t an option, then give as much notice as possible.

Tell Your Manager First

The first person who should be informed regarding your intent to move on is your manager or supervisor. While this can be a hard discussion, this isn’t the kind of news they should get via the rumor mill. Even if your relationship is strained, or they are the reason you are moving on, it will reflect better on you to address the situation head-on.

However, you don’t have to divulge every secret regarding your new plan for your career. Just be sure to cover at least the basics by expressing your intent to resign, as well as the last day you intend to be on the payroll. Any other details can be included at your discretion, as long as you don’t plan on providing others in your workplace any more information than you are willing to share here.

Help With Your Replacement

Whether someone is already working for the company will be assuming your duties or a new employee will be brought in, be open to working with them to show them the ropes. Give them all of the information they need to perform the tasks successfully, and leave out any negative comments or gossip regarding why you are going. Until you leave, consider yourself the personal mentor of the person who is stepping into your shoes. Do everything you can to leave them in the best position from which they can succeed.

Express Appreciation

Regardless of the challenges you faced in the workplace, there are likely a few people who added to your career in a positive way. If you have coworkers, supervisors, managers, or mentors who truly made a difference in your life, make sure to thank them for all they’ve done. A little appreciation now can go a long way if your paths cross in the future.

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