Already Stressing Out in 2017? Try Doing This



Stress related to your career is practically a fact of life. Some people quietly stew in their discontent, while others wear the “difficulty” associated with their line of work as a badge of honor. But whether you are losing sleep to impress or because you feel you have no choice but to put in the extra hours, there’s one simple fact you must remember; it’s only a job.

Job and Identity

Many people tie their profession to their identity as a person. While what you do for a living is a key part of your day-to-day, it isn’t necessarily what your life should be about. Even if you enjoy what you do, and find your daily work meaningful, a job is predominately a means to an end. It pays the bills and gives you an opportunity to explore what you are passionate about, even if your passions lie outside of the workplace.

Doing your job should not lead to suffering in other areas of your life. Devoting too much time to your career and not enough time to things that are meaningful to you may result in burnout or worse.

Taking a Break

If your work is dominating every waking moment of your day, and the number of waking moments begins to significantly dig into your non-waking moments, then you might want to schedule some time off. Putting all of your energy into your work often cannot be sustained long-term. That means, for the sake of your sanity, it is important to break away from time to time.

But what if your workplace can’t survive without you? The trick is, unless you are a one-person operation, it can survive without you. Work will go on; tasks will be completed. Even if you are self-employed, scheduling some time for yourself is critical to keep the fires burning.

Giving ourselves permission to pursue something other than work keeps us revitalized. You will be able to be more productive over the long-term if you give yourself the chance to put work down and do something you enjoy. It is also necessary to maintain your relationships with family and friends, as well as your physical health, and if your constant state of being on the clock is harming those areas of your life, you might want to step away for a few days.

Not Romanticizing Stress

Many people have the habit of romanticizing their stress, treating it like a status symbol instead of the burden it can be. To help you move past your stress, you need to understand that the damage being done does not compensate for the potential to humblebrag about the challenges of your life.

Looking at stress through rose-colored glasses such as these is often an attempt to express one’s value or level of importance. Some people function under the notion that the more stress you have, the more important you must be. But stress and importance, or even success, do not always go hand-in-hand.

Occasional workplace stress is normal, but if it is dominating your daily existence, it might be time to explore new opportunities. If you are interested in finding a new position that allows you to keep stress in its proper place, the professionals at The Advance Group can help you explore your options. Contact us today and see if a better work-life balance is on the horizon in 2017.







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