How to Hang On to Your Top Employees



If you talk about disruptive situations in the workplace, the unexpected departure of a talented employee is bound to be mentioned. Often, it can feel like enough of a challenge to locate top candidates for your open positions, but finding great people is only part of the battle. Once you find the right person, you need to encourage them to stay.

Sometimes, an employee leaving has nothing to do with your company. For example, they may have received an offer that was simply too go to refuse, or they might have to relocate to an area that puts their current workplace outside of a reasonable commuting distance.

However, good employees also leave because of shortcomings in the company. If exiting employees aren’t willing to provide an authentic reason regarding their decision, then it is hard to determine a course of action to prevent similar exits in the future. One of the least obvious reasons top workers leave an organization is an environment that promotes mediocrity. Truly driven employees won’t be attracted to complacency, making a swift exit the logical choice.

If you want to do everything you can to keep these top performers working with your business, consider these factors that do fall within your control.

Equal Treatment Isn’t Always Fair

Many companies work hard to treat all employees the same. Often, this is touted as a fundamental of a strong workplace, but it can actually drive away your top performers. Being treated equally even when your performance is exceptional makes these talented members of your workforce feel unappreciated. They may perceive it as a way to marginalize their efforts.

But what is the alternative to treating everyone as equals? Treating them fairly.

It is perfectly acceptable to acknowledge the contributions of top performers as long as the attention given to all employees is seen as fair. Performance-based raises are an obvious choice, but there are non-monetary rewards that can also do the job depending on what each employee values.

Individual Employee Values

Not every worker is motivated by the same rewards. For some, money talks, but others appreciate flexible scheduling options, more vacation days, or tuition assistance over a bigger paycheck. Some would even enjoy additional responsibilities or the ability to pick their own projects based on what interests them most. To ensure you are customizing your approach based on the preferences of your best employees, you must find out what they value in a workplace and act accordingly.

Career Advancement

Those with the most talent often develop a plan regarding how they see their career progressing. If you want to keep them interested in maintaining their employment, then you need to see how your company can help them reach their goals.

Skilled workers who feel they have reached a dead-end in their current job will leave for advancement opportunities that fit into their career plan. Instead of them looking outside the organization for new positions, create an internal resource that will help them get there with your organization. Mentoring, training and job shadowing can help employees see the potential that exists in your business, and filling promotional opportunities from within can also contribute to building loyalty over the long-term.

So take a moment to consider how your organization can keep your top performers engaged and optimistic about their future there, and you will likely see fewer people heading for the door.

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