Are Top Candidates Slipping Out of Your Grasp?



You’ve read through mountains of resumes and applications and left messages to schedule interviews. Sometimes, you’ve even conducted the interviews and began the second round or even made a job offer. And, then, nothing. It’s as if the candidate has just disappeared. No returned phone call, no cancellation email, just gone.

Having top candidates just dissolve into the ether leaves hiring managers with a lot of questions, especially if they thought the person could be the ideal employee. And that makes finding out what is happening even more important. While not every candidate ceases contact for the same reason, there are certain factors that increase the odds. If more candidates seem to be vanishing into thin air, here are some common reasons that may be driving their decision.

You Disappeared First

Candidates have expectations regarding communication, just as you do. If you fall short of their expectations, they may simply write off the opportunity as a wasted venture. When a person applies for a position, they often expect certain responses as the process moves forward. This includes a quick note that the application was received, updates regarding any progress, contact after interviews if they weren’t selected and more.

If your company is falling short in these areas, top candidates may lose interest in potentially working for your company. And, sometimes, that means they simply won’t respond when you do finally reach out.

Your Process is Slow

Unemployment numbers are low, but hiring processes haven’t been streamlined to compensate for the high competition for top candidates. If an applicant is truly talented, possessing the right combination of knowledge and experience, then demand for them will be high. And, if they have a particularly hard to find skill set, your competitors might be considering them too.

If your process moves too slowly, you may miss out on these candidates for numerous reasons. First, they may get an offer from another company. Once that happens, some job seekers simply remove themselves from the job market and just stop responding to other offers.

Second, some candidates see a slow process as a sign about how your company manages other internal practices. They may question the level of organization surrounding the hiring process, or how much of a priority the position actually is. Others will see it as a sign that they might not be an ideal candidate, and that your silence is a sign that you aren’t interested. Then, even if you call, the applicant may have concerns that they were chosen as a last resort.

While you can’t accelerate through all portions of the process, keeping candidates informed can help compensate for the delays. Open communication lets the applicant know that you appreciate their effort and that they are still in contention. Granted, it might not prevent them from accepting another offer, but it can give them a reason to take your call when the time comes.

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