What Are the Best IT Employees Looking For?



A business is only as good as the people it hires. So, it’s no wonder that every company wants to find the best IT employees available. But what exactly attracts the best IT professionals to an organization? The answer may surprise you.

A Challenge

The best and the brightest IT employees want to solve challenging problems. It keeps them engaged in the workplace and gives them an opportunity to flex their creative problem-solving muscles.

One of the biggest factors that lead talented employees to look for new opportunities is boredom. While every day isn’t going to be laden with the troubles of the world, having regular opportunities to think outside the box will keep them interested long term.

However, it is important that the challenge not be solely an issue of volume. Having more work than any person can reasonably keep up with will just breed frustration. Creating a challenge isn’t about working your IT professionals to death, it about letting them use their skills in new or unconventional ways.


Flexible schedules are becoming more common, especially as potential employers work to lure in the best IT employees. Nontraditional hours, compressed weeks, remote worker options, or a combination of all three can help attract candidates that value work-life balance as much as their career. Flexibility is becoming a new standard in the workplace, and failing to get onboard could lead skilled employees to look for opportunities elsewhere.

Training and Education

Your most driven employees have big plans for their careers and, if you choose to be a part of that plan, you can retain top performers longer. Whether you offer traditional training options, educational incentives, mentoring and job shadowing options, or simple cross-training opportunities, giving them a chance to grow in their career will give them the incentive to stay with your organizations. Superstar workers likely don’t see their current position as the endpoint of their career, so it’s better to work with that then fight against it.

Updated Technology

You won’t keep the best IT workers if your tech isn’t up with the times. While you don’t have to embrace every new tool or technology that comes around, it is important that your current solutions are reasonably modern. Cloud-solutions, mobile technology, and updated software options are all critical to when you are looking to hire the cream of the crop. So, if your office computers still feature Windows XP or your idea of mobile technology is limited to a source of email on the go, you might find it hard to attract younger professionals in the current job market.

Competitive Compensation

Regardless of what else you have to offer, if you don’t have a competitive compensation package, you are going to miss out. Do some research and see what similar employees are being offered by your competitors and then make sure you are operating in the same ballpark. While salary isn’t the only factor in deciding whether to accept a job offer, it is always a factor.

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