The Job Market is Shifting. Is Your Company Keeping Up?


Millennials are the largest part of the workforce today. And their preferences are shaping how workplaces need to operate. Preferences for flexible scheduling and a higher likelihood of making a job switch mean companies need to change how they hire and the benefits they offer. Otherwise, you may find it difficult to get the employees you need.

But what changes does your company need to make to keep pace with the shifts in the job market? Here are some of the most important offerings you need to consider.

Flexible Scheduling

Flexible scheduling is becoming more of a standard than a luxury. Whether you simply give employees options for shifting their schedule to meet occasional demands in their personal lives or give them carte blanche to get things done whenever they choose, businesses need to find ways to increase the number of options available.

Project-Oriented Opportunities

While some businesses see a Millennials willingness to explore opportunities elsewhere as a negative, it can actually create unique options when used properly. For example, you can hire professionals on a project basis to get the expertise you need only when you need it. This allows workers to focus on the skill sets they prefer to use while you get access to the best talent available. Then, when the project wraps up, you can both go your separate ways with ease.

Personal Development

Many Millennials favor personal development opportunities over certain other benefits, so giving your employees a chance to learn and grow can help attract some of the best and brightest in their fields. Consider implementing formal training plans or building in educational benefits. Mentorship programs can also provide a source of career development for those who prefer to work directly with someone who possesses the skills they wish to learn.

Career Growth

One motivator for seeking new employment opportunities focuses on the chance to move up the career ladder. Luckily, this urge to look elsewhere can be managed by providing clear paths for career progression within the workplace. Then, they can work towards gaining higher ranking positions without necessarily having to find a new company to do so.

Updated Communication Tools

Millennials aren’t inclined to rely on email to communicate with coworkers or management. Instead, many favor tools like instant messengers and other chat-based tools. Failing to adopt new communication tools to meet these expectations can have your company appearing to be behind the curve, and that won’t attract candidates from this or younger generations.

Non-Traditional Workspaces

The cubicle farm is well on its way out, while more open designs continue to attract employees interested in more collaboration in the workplace. However, that doesn’t mean every area should be entirely open to everything else, as integrating heads down or conference spaces can help control distractions.


While compensation isn’t always cited as a major factor, it is still a factor that deserves consideration. Your business needs to make sure that any compensation offered to competitive within the current marketplace. This includes a strong salary, suitable medical coverage, retirement options, and paid time off. Otherwise, you may struggle to find and keep the employees you need.

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