Hate Your Job? We Might Know Why


If you’re finding it harder and harder to convince yourself to go to work, then you have likely realized what choices you have. You can try to find a way to change things for the better, vent to someone who will listen, or jump into your job search. And all of those can be great moves.

However, as we find ourselves pulling away from our work, we often begin to make additional mistakes that make things even less tolerable. And these are the changes we have to fight against. If you find yourself hating your job more every day, then see if you may be sabotaging your chances at a happy outcome.

You Stop Caring

While it may be nearly impossible to force yourself to be passionate about a position that has lost your interest, you do need to make sure you produce quality work. If you allow yourself to stop caring, that will be seen by others. And that can make your next job search even more difficult than before.

When we stop caring about our jobs, we may think it’s no big deal to do subpar work, come in late, leave early, or ignore our responsibilities. However, this affects your co-workers, manager, and the business in a negative way. And, if any of those people may be a reference for you in the future, you are essentially shooting yourself in the foot.

You Don’t Try to Find a Better Position

Going to a job you hate can be exhausting. However, you can’t let your tiredness or frustration be an excuse to put a job search on hold. In the end, finding a new job falls predominately on your plate. Certain steps can only be taken by you, and no one else will do them for you.

So, instead of putting everything off, schedule time in your calendar for tasks related to your job search. Once the time is set aside, and you get the process moving, you may find that job searching isn’t as rough as you thought. And, in some cases, you may even enjoy exploring your options.

Just keep the tasks on which you focus specific for each block of time. For example, day one could include 30 minutes for doing some resume updates. The next one could include setting up job alerts on certain websites. Then, you might schedule an appointment with a recruiter. Keeping the tasks small makes them feel manageable and may encourage you to keep pushing forward.

You Keep It a Secret

Not expressing your frustrations will eventually come back to haunt you. We can only hold these feelings in for so long before they begin costing you more and more. And, there is often nothing to gain by keeping it a secret.

By letting some of these feelings out, and getting someone you trust involved, you may be able to find a way to solve the problem. Additionally, if you decide to make some changes, you will likely need their support, and that is easier to get with some warning.

If you are interested in extending the reach of your job search, the professionals at The Advance Group can provide the support you need. Contact us and see what is available in your area.





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