Stop Settling for a “Good Enough” Job


We’ve all used the phrase “good enough” and, traditionally, we don’t choose it when we’ve found an ideal solution or done our best work. But when you attach that sentiment to a major part of your life, such as your career, you are setting yourself up for a lackluster experience that doesn’t exactly inspire passion.

However, many people don’t see the harm in accepting a job that is “good enough.” Sometimes you’ve just got to pay the bills, right? While accepting a job under this premise may alleviate the stress of being without employment, it might not actually do much more. And, do you really want to live a life where your work doesn’t make you happy?

Before you settle on a job that just checks the critical boxes regarding maintaining a reasonable lifestyle, here are some reasons you shouldn’t settle for a job that is simply “good enough.”

You’re Selling Yourself Short

A job you accept just because it is there is unlikely to challenge you in a meaningful way; it probably won’t allow you to work to your full potential and may not give you a chance to grow into something better. And, once you settle into a new job, you will stay for at least a while. That means you are dedicating yourself to a time period where you know you aren’t moving forward, and that typically doesn’t make much sense.

You’re Denying Yourself a Chance to Feel Passion

Accepting a job that doesn’t inspire any sense of passion means you are denying yourself the ability to feel that on a regular basis. In fact, you are dedicating yourself specifically to not feeling that way for eight hours a day, 40 hours a week, for the foreseeable future.

Yes, feeling passionate about every aspect of your work all the time isn’t necessarily realistic either. However, you are more likely to thrive in an environment where you feel strongly about your work at least some of the time. Additionally, you are more likely to seek out opportunities to progress and learn, which can shape your career for years to come.

You’re Building Resentment

We rarely accept a “good enough” job for ourselves. Often, taking these positions is more about serving a basic function, like generating income, and even meeting expectations set by others.

Many people have a hard time turning down a job if they feel friends and family won’t support the idea. However, if you take the job, and ultimately don’t enjoy it, you may find yourself feeling resentful towards those you feel pressured you into accepting the position (whether this pressure is real or assumed). Over time, this can harm your personal relationships. And it won’t exactly do your professional life any favors, either.

Aim Higher

By looking for a job that offers more, you can potentially find more fulfilling work. You may have the chance to work on tasks you are passionate about and truly develop a career you value. So, before you accept a job that you have reservations about, reach out to the recruitment professionals at The Advance Group. Contact us and see what else is available, so you aren’t stuck settling for a job that is only “good enough” instead of great.






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