Skipping Millennial Hires Because of Stereotypes? Get the Truth Here


When the millennial generation joined the workforce, a number of stereotypes soon followed. Many of these ideas had hiring managers worried about whether these workers would provide the kind of value they needed to help move their companies forward. However, this generation might not be everything that some reports would have you believe. Before you dismiss a candidate simply because they fall into the millennial category, here is the truth beyond the stereotype.

One of the Largest Generations

It is possible millennials are hard to understand because of the size of the generation. In some cases, they are defined as anyone born between 1980 and 2000. That’s a period of 20 years. With such a large age range falling into the category, it is almost impossible to generalize their behaviors in a way that actually fits even just the majority.

Issues with Loyalty

One of the most pervasive stereotypes is the lack of loyalty the millennials display. However, the source of the issue isn’t actually loyalty; it is a desire for new opportunities and experiences. If a millennial doesn’t find the challenges they need with their current employers, they may begin seeking out other options to learn and grow.

Companies that are prepared to keep millennials engaged, offering the chance to mentor and learn on the job, then these valuable workers won’t be inclined to look elsewhere for new opportunities. That means top performers need to have access to challenging work so that they can continue to progress along the career path they envision for themselves.

Problems with Authority

What some companies see as issues with authority is actually a disconnect between how older generations operate in the workplace and a millennial’s preference for collaboration. Businesses that work to break down barriers between their employees and management often find millennials are prepared to help their company find new, better solutions to organizational problems and can provide a lot of value.

By creating an environment that supports inclusion and open communication can involve a more diverse portion of their workforce when solving problems, and may even reach new, innovative ideas that can help further the company mission.

Being Lazy

Mobile technology has changed the way we work. Now, many millennials embrace flexible workstyles thanks to the ability to work from more locations with ease. However, some older workers simply notice that millennials aren’t spending hours upon hours sitting at their desks, and may interpret that as laziness.

Flexibility in the workplace helps employees manage their duties without having to fit into the confines of a traditional work schedule. When these options are managed properly, millennials are just as productive, if not more so, than any other generation in the workplace today.

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