Want to Find a Management Position? Use These Tips to Move On Up


Every leader has one thing in common, at one point they were in a management position for the first time.  But breaking into the leadership ranks isn’t always easy. Often, companies prefer to hire people into these positions who already have management experience, making it hard for those hoping to make a move up.

However, there are certain things you can do to help improve your odds of finding that management position for which you are looking. To help you on your way, here are some tips you can use today.

Become a Top Performer

If you want a chance to lead, then you need to show you can do your current job well. While you don’t have to be the absolute best at your position, you do need to demonstrate competence and reliability. This means you need to give your duties your all, meeting your deadlines and handling your responsibilities. It also doesn’t hurt to keep a positive attitude about your tasks, even if they aren’t your favorite activities to do.

Learn About the Job

Many employees don’t have a full grasp on what their managers actually do during their day. While you might not be able to find out all of the information, learning as much as you can about being part of a leadership team in the company will help you prepare to take the leap. Observe the activities of the managers working around you and take the time to read some books on subjects like management and leadership. And, if you have the opportunity to talk to a manager directly about what they do, don’t hesitate to ask for guidance.

Get Involved

Getting a chance to become a manager often requires going above and beyond your standard duties. Leaders are often responsible for significant amounts of planning, so finding opportunities to get involved in this area can help you establish yourself as a management candidate. See if your manager could use a hand organizing information or collecting data for a project or join any internal planning committees within your organization.

If there aren’t any opportunities available in your company, consider looking for volunteer positions with local non-profits. You may have the chance to function in a leadership role with one of these organizations, giving you the experience you need to find a position at your job down the road.

Ask for It

Most people aren’t promoted into management spontaneously. Instead, they apply for positions and ask for opportunities. If you are interested in moving up in your current company, talk to your manager about your goals. Then they will know you are interested and can help you gain the experience you need along the way. And, when a position comes available, they may be more likely to think of you.

If you are interested in management opportunities outside of your current company, The Advance Group can help you explore options in your area. Contact us to speak about your career goals today and see how our services can get you there.






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