How Positive Is Your Office Culture?


The idea of maintaining a positive office culture is often referenced for its ability to attract strong candidates and retain employees. But understanding where your company falls on the scale of negative to positive isn’t easy, especially because the idea isn’t always well defined.

Typically, a company’s culture includes a mix of the beliefs, values, traditions, and rituals within the organization, and often develops over a significant period of time. It is often seen as critical for ensuring employee satisfaction and directly impacts productivity amongst those working in the office.

So, what does a positive culture look like? Here are some key criteria to help you see if yours fits the bill.


In most cases, a positive culture makes employees feel supported in the personal and professional lives. This includes promoting a better work/life balance as well as giving them opportunities to learn new skills and develop within their chosen field. Often, companies with strong reputations in these areas formalize programs designed to help workers success, including training and mentorship programs as well as flexible work options and generous paid time off.


Employees typically crave recognition for their hard work. Whether it is a simple acknowledgment from their manager or a formal presentation during a larger appreciation event, being recognized for their contributions shows that the company understands the value of their contributions and is willing to take them time to call attention to it.

Businesses that are most successful in this arena often combine formal recognition with casual appreciation. By giving thanks for a job well done right when the work is complete, it provides employees with an immediate boost for facing the next challenge. Larger events demonstrate the businesses willingness to champion their best and brightest, which can be encouraging to the employee as well as the rest of the staff.


Maintaining a strong company culture can require taking certain steps to protect what has been built. This can include letting workers go if they have a negative influence on their team or the organization as a whole. Ideally, you want employees and managers that can do the work required while also promoting the ideals set forth by the company. So, if a top performer with a poor attitude is bringing down their team or a manager isn’t providing proper training and communication, it can be wise to let them go.

Not every individual is going to fit into every organization, and that’s okay. When it comes time to hire, look for candidates that possess the right mix of base skills as well as the personality to work well in the environment. Often, hard skills can be taught to the right applicant, but it is challenging to get someone to fit into a culture that simply doesn’t match their style.

If you are interested in finding new employees that support a positive office culture, The Advance Group has the expertise to find the right match. Contact us today and see how a strong cultural fit can help everyone succeed.






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