Yes, You Can Recover from a Big Mistake at Work


Making a mistake at work can be frustrating and even embarrassing. Some errors have limited repercussions, possibly leading to a simple correction, while others carry more weight. However, it is important to remember that everyone makes mistakes from time to time, and it is possible to recover with a level of grace and professionals. To help you navigate your way whenever you take a misstep, here are some tips for handling the situation well.

1. Start with an Apology

No matter the cause of the mistake, it is always important to apologize. This shows you acknowledge the error and take responsibility to any hardship it may have caused, no matter how minute. Often, trying to defend or fight it will make you come off worse than simply owning the situation as it is, so stepping up will normally yield better results.

2. Don’t Place Blame

Even if other people were involved in the mistake, it is always better to leave blame out of the conversation. Instead, admit to your part in the error and take responsibility. If anyone else was involved, leave it to them to come forward or for their part to be discovered by members of the leadership team.

3. Learn for Next Time

Once you admit to (and apologize for) the mistake, it is vital you take steps to avoid repeating it in the future. This means you need to review how the error happened and determine what needs to happen to prevent it in the future. If you aren’t certain of actions you can take on your own or if you need additional guidance, make sure to reach out to either your manager or another co-worker who has the skills or knowledge to lead you forward.

4. Speak with Your Manager

After you make a mistake, it is common to worry about how your manager views you as a member of the team. Often, setting aside some time to discuss the mistake and how you would handle things differently in the future can alleviate their concerns while also giving you feedback to help you improve. This also ensures nothing is left unsaid that could lead to issues in the future, so handling this as soon as possible is often the best course of action.

5. Reevaluate Your Skills

If you find yourself making mistakes on a frequent basis, then it might be time to reevaluate your skills and determine if you either need additional training or to pursue different career opportunities. At times, an error occurs when our skill set isn’t as strong as we believe but can be remedied by taking additional classes. However, if the misstep is due to being in a position beyond your experience, it can make sense to consider other employment options.

Even if you have strong skills, that doesn’t mean every job will be a great fit even if it is in the right field. If you are interested in exploring new opportunities, The Advance Group can help you find the new options. Contact us today and see what jobs may be open in your field.






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