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Many industrial and construction businesses struggle to find the skilled laborers they need to fill critical positions in their companies. Interest in trades has declined in the workforce, especially since younger generations have been raised to believe the only way to a stable career is a college degree, which can make a worker shortage harder to manage. However, there are methods that can help you reach a larger candidate pool or even create the skilled workers your business needs to succeed. Here are some tips to get you started.

Making Training a Priority

Sometimes the easiest way to gain access to the kinds of skills you need is to teach them to your workforce. By creating comprehensive training programs or mentorship opportunities for your employees, you can give your current staff more knowledge and fill in certain skill gaps with the best and brightest you have on staff. Not only does this help your employees grow, but it can also improve their level of job satisfaction, raise productivity, and even improve the reputation of the business as an employer. All of these can make your company more attractive to applicants as they can clearly see where their career can go when they accept a position.

Connect with Local Colleges and Trade Schools

Area colleges and trade schools can be an excellent source of fresh talent. By connecting with local institutions, you can gain access to new graduates as well as those approaching graduation, which may give you an upper hand when recruiting for certain positions. You can discuss your interest in forging a partnership with the administration, employment assistance offices and, in some cases, instructors of relevant courses. Then, if a student seems like a potentially good fit, they can be referred to your company.

Colleges and trade schools may also host job fairs on a regular basis, allowing you to connect directly with potential new employees. Often, these events aren’t limited to students, so you may find applicants with a range of experience levels who are interested in working for a company like yours. Contact the schools directly to see if they host an event and see what it takes to participate. You may be surprised how easy it is to join.

Reach Out to a Professional Staffing Firm

Staffing agencies can help you locate skilled workers for temporary and permanent positions in your company. Often, they have access to a large candidate pool with a range of skills and experience levels who are interested in finding a new position in the area. Typically, these are active job seekers who could potentially start a job quickly, helping you get the top talent you need in less time that some traditional recruitment methods.

If you are interested in working with one of the leading staffing agencies in the area, then contact the team at The Advance Group. They can help you find high-quality workers for any of your open positions.






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