Desperate for a New Warehouse Job? Use This Advice!


If you’ve been scouring job announcements for months with little to show for it, it can be easy to think that you should just take any new warehouse job that comes along. While this perspective is understandable, it isn’t necessarily the best move for your career.

Whether you’re currently unemployed or stuck in a position that isn’t right for you, taking a bad job that just happens to come along can make you feel even worse and may cause you to miss a great opportunity. To help you determine if a sense of desperation is guiding your choices and leading you to say “yes” to the wrong job, here are some points to consider.

Are You Dealing with Job Search Burnout?

Just like you can reach a state of burnout on the job, the same can happen when you are looking for a new job. You’ve dedicated a significant amount of time and energy trying to find something new, and not getting something positive in return can take a toll on your wellbeing. It can also lead you to accept a position simply because it was offered and you just want the search to be over.

If this sounds like you, and you aren’t in serious financial need to start working a new job right away, consider setting your job search down for a time. Taking a break can give you a chance to destress or reevaluate your priorities, allowing you to return later with a renewed sense of energy and focus. And you don’t have to take a lot of time off to get that boost. Even a week away from the constant scrolling through job postings can be enough.

Will the Job Feel Like a Smart Move in Six Months?

After you’ve been searching for a while, the idea of taking something because it will pay the bills seems like a smart move. However, if the idea of working there for the next six months leaves you questioning that thought, then it’s often better to move on. Accepting a job that you can picture yourself dreading in the near future can put you in a worse position, and often just leads to a new job search. Instead of getting stuck in a cycle of bad jobs and job searches, really consider if the work sounds interesting enough to stick with for a year or more, or if it will at least be a bridge to a position that excites you. If the answer is no, then keep looking.

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