Don’t Really Want the Job? Here’s What Could Happen If You Take It Anyway


At some point, you’ll likely be faced with a tough decision: do you take a job you don’t really want or do you try to hold out for something better? Depending on your exact circumstances, you may feel that you don’t have much of a choice but to say yes, and that can be a scary thought. However, accepting the offer isn’t necessarily going to be all bad, though there will likely be some challenges on the horizon. To help you see the bigger picture, here’s what could happen if you take a job you don’t really want.

It Can Be Discouraging

Normally, you aren’t going to be thrilled about taking a job that won’t help you further your career, or that doesn’t offer interesting opportunities to learn and grow. If you were stuck having to accept such a job, it could be very discouraging. Feeling stagnant can be incredibly frustrating in itself, and if you don’t feel a position can help you reach bigger and better things in the future, it can even leave you feeling a bit trapped. However, there are some other important points to consider.

This Job Isn’t Forever

If you have to take a job you don’t really want, it’s important to understand that this doesn’t have to be the end of the road. People change jobs fairly regularly, with one study showing an average of four positions before age 32, so this may simply be a speed bump in an otherwise smooth career.

Additionally, by sticking with it, at least for the short-term, you could be exposed to opportunities that weren’t necessarily apparent when you accepted the job. Just as it can be hard to show everything you have to give to a company in a resume and interview, not everything an employer can provide is easy to assess during that portion of the process. Try to look beyond the first impression and view the position with fresh eyes when you begin. It’s possible something better is actually in store than you originally pictured.

Look Below the Surface for Something Worthwhile

Even if the job turns out to be what you imagined, this company has something to offer that is worth exploring. Dig into training options, network with other professionals, and look for opportunities to learn new skills or hone current ones. You can also see if positions in other departments might be more appealing, and see what it would take to transition into one.

Often, if you put effort into finding some positive, you’re likely to discover something worthwhile. This can make a job you didn’t really want turn into something that can help your career.

Be Prepared to Keep Looking

Worst case, keep your resume ready. While seeking a new position quickly after accepting a new job isn’t always ideal, there isn’t anything that says you can’t do it once during your career. Just make sure any future interviewers understand you are looking to leave so quickly because the opportunity turned out to be not the right fit, and you are hoping to move forward so you and your current employer can both find better matches.

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