Want to Be Successful in Your Accounting Career? Pick Up This Habit



A career is a journey we take. Along the way, we encounter some amazing people who help us take the next step or inspire us to shift our direction. Almost no one moves forward without the input of others. However, many professionals rarely take the time to show gratitude toward the people who impacted their accounting career in a positive way.

Sure, most people say “thank you” on a fairly regular basis, though often in passing or as a closing to an email. Rarely does a demonstration of appreciation dominate a conversation. But taking the time to let those around you know how they have impacted you can be beneficial to your psyche and your accounting career. And making it a habit can help you reach success.

Why Showing True Appreciation Matters

An opportunity to move forward in your career is rarely self created. Often, a manager, co-worker, or member of your professional network is at least partly responsible for making the next step available. Saying “thank you” in a meaningful way shows you appreciate their effort and lets them know you acknowledge their role in your success.

Failing to show true appreciation for their actions often leaves them wanting, as it can appear as though you don’t understand what they’ve done to help you. At best, they may be slightly disheartened. At worst, they may see you as rude.

In either case, they might not be as inclined to offer assistance again, even if the opportunity arises. This means you may miss out on a new opportunity simply because they don’t think you’ll appreciate being connected.

However, by saying thanks, the opposite can occur. Being appreciated feels good, and it makes a person more likely to make similar efforts in the future based on that positive connection. As an added bonus, it can make you feel good to thank someone too, giving everyone involved a boost.

Who You Should Be Thanking

We all know that the interviewer deserves a thank you after meeting with us, but they aren’t the only people who should be recognized for helping move your career forward. Friends and family members who support you on your journey deserve appreciation, as well as members of your professional network who offer you a hand by presenting job opportunities or providing information that is helpful in your profession.

Mentors, managers, and co-workers are also often due some thanks, especially if they taught you something valuable in regards to your work. Colleagues who have bailed you out of jams should also be recognized, as well as anyone who has let you vent your workplace frustrations and helped you gain perspective.

Anyone who has played a part in helping you reach your current place in the field is all eligible. So, if you haven’t expressed gratitude for what they’ve done, consider writing them a letter today. Dedicate the entire message to showing appreciation and nothing more. It’s a simple step that can build positive karma and may help you move toward greater success in the future.

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