Here’s What Really Stinks About Your Interview Process


Often, a company’s hiring process is somewhat arduous simply because that is the nature of the beast. However, there are parts that are especially frustrating for job seekers. Many of these headaches can be quickly remedied with a little effort, allowing you to improve the impression you make with all of your candidates. To help iron out these wrinkles, here are some insights regarding what really stinks about your interview process and steps you can take to eliminate them.

Being Left Out of the Loop

One of the biggest frustrations cited by most applicants is a lack of information regarding what happens after they submit a resume. It isn’t uncommon to liken hitting the submit button on an application to tossing a resume into a black hole, as most job seekers have only a limited idea of what is happening once they throw their hat in the ring.

An easy way to alleviate this headache is to provide basic email updates regarding the status of the hiring process. Let applicants know their materials have been received, if they have been eliminated from contention, or if interviews are being scheduled in the upcoming weeks. By sharing information, you ensure your top applicants are engaged throughout the process, and those that aren’t selected are quickly informed of the decision.

Not Hearing from a Person

Even some companies that provide updates do so in an impersonal fashion. Many use automated messages to let candidates know what is happening instead of reaching out to them individually. While in certain entry-level positions that bring in a lot of applications, speaking to every job seeker might not be practical.

However, once you’ve narrowed down the pool and have begun interviewing, sending a personal message is the best approach. This will almost always leave a better impression on candidates and can help your businesses reputation of truly valuing those who took the time to apply.

Ideally, interview invitations should also be personalized to help the applicant begin to forge a relationship with the company.

A lack of human connection is a big frustration for candidates, especially if they took the time to craft a meaningful cover letter and customized their resume to the position. So, consider defaulting to using a human touch whenever you communicate with applicants to ensure your interview process is as friendly as possible.

Demonstrating Personality

When a candidate takes a seat in an interview chair, it’s often hard to gauge how much of their personality should shine through. Additionally, finding the opportunity to do so isn’t always easy. A person’s personality can often impact their odds of being successful, especially in organizations that have a distinct corporate culture.

Interviewers need to learn to create openings where a job seeker can show parts of their personality, including a sense of humor. Not only does this help build trust and allow you to assess them as full human beings, but it can also serve as a test to determine if they’ll fit in and if they can make jokes in an appropriate manner.

Learning to balance the needs of the company with those of candidates during the hiring process is tricky. But, but taking some time to reach out personally, keep them updated on the status of the job, and finding methods to let them show their personalities, you can remove many of the most frustrating aspects of the job search process.

If you are looking for new employees and would like to streamline your process while adding a personal touch, the recruitment professionals at The Advance Group have the skills you need to do just that. Contact us today to see how our process can eliminate headaches and help you find the ideal candidates for your open position.






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