Comparing Yourself to Your Welding Co-Workers: Does It Ever Pay Off?


Throughout your life, you’ve likely heard the advice to “stop comparing yourself to others.” Typically, this is good advice, as focusing on how you measure up to those around you can be a tiresome and frustrating experience.

However, there are times when comparing yourself to your welding co-workers can actually reap some benefits, as long as the examination is in the right areas. Here are a few examples of times when making the comparison can actually pay off.

When You Can Learn Something

At some point, you’ll likely have a co-worker who reaches the next level of success, possibly leaving you behind in the process. Maybe they scored that promotion or received a pay raise based on their efforts, but you didn’t receive the same. Often, this can be somewhat discouraging and may leave you wondering what did they have that you didn’t.

While this thought process can seem damaging, it can actually be helpful if you see it as an opportunity to learn. Consider the other person’s qualifications to see if there is something you’re missing. Think about how they operated in their position, including the hours they put in and their production levels. Reflect on their attitude and if they sought out new responsibilities or took on extra projects to help the company.

If you can identify some of these key differences, they can serve as a roadmap regarding what you need to improve to take the same step in your welding career. And that can be a valuable lesson.

As a Source of Inspiration

Seeing a co-worker pass you by can be frustrating. But, at the same time, it’s a clear sign as to what is possible in your career, too.

You and your team mate often have some things in common, such as a similar level of training or experience. So, their success shows you what opportunities may be just ahead for you if you make the right moves. It’s a clear sign regarding what is possible in your career, so consider seeing it as a source of inspiration. If they can do it, maybe you can too.

Comparing yourself to others is a natural, and often unavoidable, thought process. The important part is to avoid beating yourself up when someone else gets ahead. Everyone is different, and we won’t all reach the destination at the same time even if we were together at the start. By examining how you can use their success to teach you how to reach new heights in your career and considering it a source of inspiration, you can use these comparisons to your advantage, allowing you to get further than you may have otherwise imagined.

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