No Confidence in Your Admin Skills? Here’s How It’s Hurting You


At times, even the strongest worker’s confidence falters. Maybe you were entrusted with a task that is well outside your comfort zone, or you received negative feedback you weren’t expecting. In most cases, these moments where you question your capabilities are short, and you’re able to get your mojo back and keep moving forward.

However, in some cases, a lack of confidence can be damaging to your career when it’s a long-term issue. If you spend your days feeling like an imposter or stuck in self pity, and there’s little to any reprieve, then you aren’t going to perform well in your admin job. So, if you regularly feel inadequate, here are some signs that your insecurity is a problem, how they are hurting you, and what to do about it.

Work Is Left Undone

While most people’s productivity rate ebbs and flows with time, if you aren’t getting your assigned tasks finished, your lack of confidence is doing real damage. Often, this stems from feeling unqualified for the position or that your admin skills aren’t up to par. Being paralyzed by insecurity isn’t the answer.

Often, it’s better to try and risk failure than to make no attempt at getting your work done. If you make an effort, you’ll have the opportunity to get feedback, which allows you to improve. It also increases your experience, helping you tackle the task better next time. And, in many cases, you’ll actually handle the project better than you originally anticipated, and that can help you gain more confidence in your admin skills.

You’re Just Waiting to Be Fired

A lack of confidence can do horrible things to your mindset. You may spend your time waiting for your manager to let you go, as you’re sure they’ll see you’re a fraud eventually, even though they’ve given you no indication that there’s a problem. This way of thinking makes it hard to do your job, as you’re constantly on edge and assume every conversation with your boss is going to be your last.

Typically, much of this anxiety can be relieved with a single conversation. Schedule some time with your manager and ask for feedback regarding your recent performance. This opens the door to a helpful discussion, regardless of what they have to say. If the feedback indicates problems in certain areas, you can work together to create a plan for improvement, giving you direction and an effective game plan. If it’s positive, you may feel less insecure, as you’ve heard from them directly that everything is fine.

Frantic Job Searching

When you feel out of your depth in your admin job, you may begin searching for a new opportunity. Often, this is an attempt to escape the current situation before anyone realizes your “shortcomings.” But, this typically only creates another distraction, harming your productivity and splitting your attention. It also means you aren’t spending this valuable time on improving your admin skills.

Instead of heading straight to the job boards, consider why you’re starting a search. Are you actually unhappy or just afraid of getting fired? If it’s the latter, follow the advice above and see if you can’t relieve some of your anxiety. If it’s the former, finding a new position could be the right move.

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