You May Have Made a Bad Hire…


Having the right employees is critical to a company’s success. It ensures that the right skill sets are present and that everyone works well together. But hiring isn’t a simple process, and you often have to select a candidate with limited information regarding how they will likely perform. At times, you’ll choose a job seeker who will support your business objectives and help the company flourish, and sometimes you won’t.

Spotting a bad hire isn’t always easy, but there are signs that someone may not work out in the long run. Here are four indications you might not have the right person for the job.

They Don’t Fit In

Company culture is becoming a more prominent factor in many workplaces as it can help promote success and team cohesion. However, even if your culture is great, that doesn’t mean it works for everyone. And a single person can disrupt the harmony of the environment.

If you notice your new hire isn’t fitting in with everyone else or isn’t integrating into the atmosphere, it’s possible they aren’t the best person to have in the position. While being a bit of an outsider, in the beginning, is normal, it should dissipate quickly if they are a good fit. If not, they could drag down productivity and bring in negativity that affects others, especially if they have a penchant for complaining.

Additionally, if they continually bring up how they did things in “my old job” and aren’t willing to adapt to your processes, there is a strong chance they won’t work out.

They Won’t Go Outside the Original Job Description

Most jobs grow and change over time, and almost all come with tasks that aren’t specifically listed in the job description (often falling into the category of “other duties as assigned”). In general, successful employees roll with these requests as they understand the need to be flexible at work. But, if a new hire won’t drift from what is explicitly spelled out on paper, you may have a problem.

Granted, asking an accountant to troubleshoot a computer isn’t reasonable, and shouldn’t be considered a sign that someone is a bad hire, asking a receptionist to help out with a filing project isn’t really out of line. Typically, if it falls in their skill set or job category, and makes sense for the level of their position, deviating from the description just comes with the territory. So, if someone isn’t willing to step just outside of their box, it might be wise to find someone else for the position.

Finding the right person for the job can feel like a challenge, but it is possible. If you want assistance selecting the best candidate for the position the first time, the recruitment specialists at The Advance Group are here to help. Contact us to see how our customized approach to hiring can make it easier to locate ideal job seekers and rid you of any bad hire today.






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