Start Attracting a More Diverse Talent Pool


When it comes to attracting candidates, your job ads are a powerful tool in your recruitment arsenal. But, depending on how you structure them, you might not be bringing in the diverse group of professionals you’re hoping to find. Everything from the language you choose to the job boards you use can impact who decides to apply. If you want to start attracting a more diverse talent pool, here’s what you need to do.

Watch Your Words

When the goal is to increase the diversity among the candidates who choose to apply, the language you use can make all the difference. Choosing an approach that focuses on inclusion can ensure a wider range of people are comfortable with submitting an application. However, words that suggest a preference, such as relying on masculine terms in the posting or subtle choices that suggest a stance on disabilities or particular age groups, can be a turn off to certain job seekers.

Whenever possible, choose gender-neutral language when crafting a description of the vacancy, and avoid terms like “ninja” or “guru” that can lean masculine and may even be seen as culturally insensitive to some.

Consider Different Job Boards

While diverse candidates use some of the larger job boards to find positions, these aren’t always the fastest method for increasing diversity. Instead of sticking to the standard, explore niche job boards that are either generally inclusive or target specific minority segments of the population. By examining different places to post your ads, you may find the number of diverse candidates applying increases.

Select Images Wisely

Company websites and job postings often feature images that show employees on the job and, as the saying goes, a picture’s worth a thousand words. If your images don’t show a diverse workforce, certain individuals may doubt your commitment to diversity and might choose not to apply.

Instead of defaulting to a standard picture, select an option that features people similar to those you are trying to attract. You may also want to choose different images for each job board, especially if they target a specific demographic. Also, make sure your website includes pictures showing diverse groups of employees. This can make your company seem more welcoming and open to workers from a wider variety of backgrounds.

Keep Requirements Lists Short

Some managers are surprised to hear that while men are willing to apply for a position as long as they meet the majority of the requirements, women aren’t normally inclined to submit an application unless they meet 100 percent of the requirements. That means, if your list includes a lot of points, women are more likely to have a reason to screen themselves out before they’ve even thrown their hat in the ring.

While having some requirements may be necessary, try to limit the number of items to the true necessities. You can also reframe the list by focusing on what the person will be accomplishing on the job instead of the list of hard skills they need to bring to the table.

Attracting a more diverse talent pool doesn’t have to be difficult, and a few small adjustments can go a long way. If you’re interested in increasing the level of diversity in your workplace, the recruitment specialists at The Advance Group can connect you with the top talent you need to succeed. Contact us to see how our services can help you reach your hiring goals.






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