Now Is the Perfect Time to Work on Your Corporate Culture


Sometimes, an employee with all the right skills ends up not working out. It often has nothing to do with their capabilities; it’s due to the company’s culture and a general sense that they don’t fit in.

While corporate culture is hard to define, it generally represents the overall working atmosphere. Everything from the physical environment to dress code to the presence (or lack) of training opportunities all play a role in the culture of a business.

There is no such thing as a perfect corporate culture that will work for everyone. Different people have varying needs, so creating a one-size-fits-all environment isn’t possible. However, if you find you aren’t attracting the kind of candidates you need or are struggling with retention issues, now is the perfect time to review how your culture may be impacting these metrics. Here’s how to begin.

Start at the Top

The overall tone for a company’s culture is typically sent by the CEO or other members of upper management. They are often responsible for defining the missions and values of a business, and their actions and guidance directly impact everyone below them on the leadership ladder.

The intention here isn’t to automatically start making changes. Instead, review how your policies, procedures, and values are shaping how the company operates to gain insight into your culture as it stands today.

Talk to People

If you’re having issues with hiring or retention, your current workforce is a great source of information. Communicate with employees and managers at all levels and find out what is working for them, and what isn’t. Cover topics like opportunities for advancement, the perceived level of trust and transparency, and the current policies regarding work hours and locations. Have workers rank their priorities as well, as this lets you know what they value above all else.

Again, this is a fact-finding mission designed to help you identify points for improvement based on what your workforce actually says it needs. Once you have the details, you can begin planning for changes that help craft the culture you’re hoping to have.

Be Patient

Once you identify the changes you would like to make, create a plan to institute the improvements. Often, major cultural shifts take time, so patience is critical as you move forward. Keep employees informed of your efforts and solicit feedback at regular intervals. Be adaptable to their needs and try to strike a balance between their preferred culture and what your organization’s operations can support.

Ultimately, the creation of a company’s culture is ongoing, so the cycle is never complete. Once you begin making progress, ensure your hiring efforts focus on finding job seekers who don’t just have the right skills, but also fit in to what your culture is becoming. By doing so, you are bringing in people who are more likely to be successful over the long-term, improving retention rates and building a happier workforce.

If you would like to learn more about hiring for your corporate culture, the team at The Advance Group can help you find the right candidates for your positions. Contact us to see how our services can help you meet your workplace culture goals.






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