Scoop Up December’s Best New Grads!


When you think of college graduation season, you most likely focus on the summer. But, there are actually a lot of new grads who are just starting to receive their diplomas. And that means they are poised to join the workforce. If you are seeking out educated entry-level professionals, now is a great time to start looking for top talents who just completed their degree. To help you scoop up the best new grads, here are some tips to get you started.

Don’t Focus on Pedigree

Certain colleges and universities reputations proceed them. While it may be tempted to focus on these graduates, it could mean that you miss out on an extraordinary young professional who attended a different school.

In many cases, a strong pedigree doesn’t automatically mean the candidate will be a success. And graduates from state universities and local community colleges likely still have the skills you need. Unless you are hiring in an industry like healthcare where pedigree can have a substantial impact, don’t forgo an otherwise qualified candidate just because they didn’t go to a top 10 school for the field.

Examine GPA and Relevant Coursework Properly

Many hiring managers look at GPAs and relevant coursework to help gauge a new grad’s skills, since they often don’t have much (if any) work experience in the field. However, you want to make sure you approach this properly to get the best results.

It can be helpful to know the average GPA of graduates of the particular school’s program to help you better evaluate a person’s performance. For example, a 3.8 GPA may seem impressive until you hear that the average GPA for the program is a 3.7. Similarly, a 3.8 may be an incredible accomplishment if the average is a 3.1.

Relevant coursework is often easier to assess, as many universities provide copies of their catalog online. This gives you a glimpse into what the classes actually covered at the specific school, making it easier to gauge what the graduate likely learned along the way.

Internships and Work Experience

Not all college programs require internships for graduation, but those that participate in such an arrangement often have some real-world experience in the field as well as professional references. Similarly, grads who secured jobs in related to their major may also be better equipped to hit the ground running, which can be particularly valuable when you need someone who can start being productive quickly.

However, just because someone doesn’t have an internship or seemingly relevant employment history doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t be a great employee. Don’t overlook other forms of experience, like clubs and volunteering that can demonstrate the job seeker knows how to function in a structured environment and may have acquired valuable soft skills.

By using the tips above, you can increase your odds of finding the best new grads available today. If you would like assistance filling your job vacancies, the professionals at The Advance Group can help. Contact us to see how our services can make your hiring process more effective and efficient today.






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