Double Check This List After Your Clerical Interview


When you leave a clerical interview feeling like you’ve done an amazing job, you often look forward to the next steps in the process. But many job seekers aren’t sure exactly what they need to do once they head out of the hiring manager’s office, leaving them contemplating what they should do now.

Since you’ve got a lot of positive momentum, it’s a smart move to ride that high to get things done. With that in mind, here are a few things to take care of after you leave your clerical interview.

Refuel and Rehydrate

Snacking and enjoying a beverage is generally not something you’ll do during a clerical interview, so, after you leave, you might want to grab a bite and a beverage to help you recharge. Don’t be afraid to take a quick break and enjoy a treat. After all, interviewing is stressful, and a small reward is definitely in order. Plus, it will make it easier to keep pushing through the day ahead, including getting through the next items on this list.

Jot Down Some Notes

Since your interview experience is still fresh in your mind, now is the perfect time to write down some key points from the meeting. Soon you’ll be crafting thank-you notes and having a few ripe details to add can make it easier to tailor your message to each interviewer and include more meaningful content. So, take a moment to jot down some of the most memorable moments. That way you can use your notes to refresh your memory down the road.

Make a Note of What Has You Excited About the Opportunity

Another vital tidbit to write down is what about the job truly has your attention now that the interview is over. Since you’ve likely gathered some additional details about the position, you probably have a clearer picture about what the opportunity means to you. So, if something has you excited to move forward, jot down that point so that it is easier to communicate why you are so enthusiastic in the future.

Send Thank-You Notes

Now that your thoughts are organized, it’s time to write and send thank-you notes. Review the important details you recalled earlier and use that information to create a message that says more than “thank you for taking the time to meet with me” and “I look forward to hearing from you.”

Schedule Follow Up Message

Once your thank-you notes are sent, you can add a calendar reminder for your follow up email. Exactly when you need to schedule this depends on whether you were given a timeline for feedback. If so, then create a reminder for one business day after the date you were provided. That way, if you don’t hear back, you know it is safe to reach out.

If you didn’t receive a timeline, schedule your reminder for one week after the interview. Generally, that is considered an acceptable window for asking about the timeline or updates about the next steps.

Then, when your reminder pops up (if you haven’t heard anything), you can craft your follow-up email and send it on its way.

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