Should You Bid Farewell to Your Cover Letter This Year?


Many job seekers have heard statements alluding to the idea that the cover letter is dead. Often, these take the form of suggesting that hiring managers don’t actually read them, making them useless to those looking to secure a new position.

But, this isn’t necessarily true. Cover letters can still be a valuable tool, depending on how you are managing your job search, whether you have certain unique goals, and if you need to provide details that a resume doesn’t cover.

Here’s why you shouldn’t say farewell to your cover letter just yet.

Connect with the Employer

A cover letter can play a crucial role in your job search if you see it as an opportunity to connect with the employer. Ultimately, hiring managers are looking for candidates that understand what the company is about and the function they serve within the larger community. If you can use your cover letter to show that you “get” the business, you can use it to stand out from the competition.

Being able to convey your respect for what the company has accomplished and why you admire the business is almost guaranteed to make a positive impression. Then, if you can couple that with examples as to how you can help them further their goals or fit into with their priorities, you significantly increase your odds of being able to advance in the hiring process.

Career Changes

Some job seekers aren’t pursuing a job in their original field, and making a career change often requires more effort and additional explanation. A cover letter can be an ideal platform for explaining your goals as well as relaying how your skills and experience apply to your new target field.

Without a cover letter, a hiring manager may assume that a resume full of experience in another field isn’t worth their time as they may believe it was either submitted in error or that the person isn’t actually serious about landing the position. Your cover letter allows you to provide the context they need to understand your motivations and clearly picture how your skills apply in an environment that differs from those you worked in previously, making it incredibly valuable to your job search.

Employment Gaps

Many people have gaps in their employment history, but you don’t get the opportunity to explain what happened in a resume alone. A cover letter gives you a chance to provide some additional details that can help put the hiring manager’s mind at ease, especially if the gap is recent or substantial. So, in this case, forgoing a cover letter could leave the hiring manager with doubts, so adding one can make a real difference.

While a cover letter isn’t always necessary when you apply for a job, it is still important in many situations and shouldn’t be abandoned just yet. If you are interested in learning more or are seeking a new position, the professionals at The Advance Group can help. Contact us today to find out more about what our services can do for your job search.






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