2018 is the Right Time to Quit That Job You Hate


Sometimes, you know that you aren’t in the right job. Maybe the idea of showing up every day feels almost intolerable, or you spend your days bored. But, even if you know you’re in a position you hate, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to walk away, especially if it seems like you are abandoning everything you’ve managed to accomplish there. The right time to quit can be hard to understand.

It isn’t uncommon to fear change, no matter how tough your current situation happens to be. But sticking in a job that you hate isn’t doing you any favors, particularly if it keeps you from advancing in your career. If you’ve felt trapped in your position, 2018 may be the perfect time to quit and make a change. To help you get in the right mindset, here’s what you need to do.

Acknowledge What’s Changed

In some cases, your first step to moving on is to recognize that a choice that was right for you yesterday might not be what you need today. Few professionals choose a job expecting it to outlive its usefulness, but it happens all the time.

Start your preparations by recognizing how you’ve changed over time, creating the psychological distance you need to head in a new direction. Once you understand that it’s okay to begin something new, leaving a bad job will become easier.

Understand What You Aren’t Giving Up

Part of the fear of leaving a job has to do with the shift to your identity that comes with making such a change. But, it’s important to remember you are more than your current role, so reminding yourself of what will remain intact can be beneficial.

For example, think about your family and friends who will remain by your side, or the hobbies and passions you’ll continue to pursue. By reviewing everything that won’t change, the idea of taking your career in a new direction will seem less intimidating.

Recognize That Life Doesn’t Always Follow a Linear Path

While the idea of following a straight path through your career is enticing, it isn’t worth it if you’re miserable every step of the way. Sometimes, we have to deviate from the original plan to reach a point of fulfillment, and that can mean making a job switch.

Yes, deciding to make a change is scary, representing a range of uncertainties, but choosing to allow yourself to pursue something that will provide you with a sense of satisfaction can be the right move, especially if you hate your current job. In the end, making a switch could be the best decision you make, letting you take your career to a better destination in 2018 and beyond.

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