Need Better Candidates? Stop Doing This!


Most companies recognize that their employees are their most valuable assets, but this point is only valid if you hire the right people and find better candidates. Selecting the wrong candidates can set your business back, lowering productivity and harming morale.

So, how do you make sure the best job seekers ultimately join your staff? By avoiding certain mistakes. Here are some tips to help you find better candidates today.

Using Antiquated Recruitment Methods

Technology is ever-changing, and it has a significant impact when it comes to hiring. Using old recruitment methods means you aren’t taking advantage of everything today’s systems have to offer and can lead to a less-than-ideal candidate being selected.

Instead of ignoring technological advances, do your best to embrace them. Everything from automated screening process to mobile applications to seeing social media as a resource can broaden your horizons, allowing you to connect with top talent and better candidates based on their expectations.

Relying Only on Major Job Boards

While some of today’s biggest job boards can be ideal for finding candidates for entry-level or general positions, they aren’t the best choice for niche roles. If you need a highly specialized set of skills, you may achieve better results by finding a job board that focuses on a particular field, industry, or kind of professional.

Candidates who use niche job boards are more likely to possess the types of skills you’re seeking, and automatically limits the number of applications that will be submitted from those who don’t have the competencies you hope to locate. This can be a serious timesaver, especially for highly technical roles.

Posting Vague or Uninspiring Vacancy Announcements

If your job posting is too vague or doesn’t elicit excitement in the applicants, you’re not likely to find the kind of passionate and skilled job seeker you are hoping to locate. In contrast, if the job description is enticing and well-thought-out, you increase your odds of finding qualified candidates who are excited about the role.

The way your vacancy announcement is written plays a large role in your ultimate success, so taking some extra time to make it interesting and thorough is worth the effort.

Limiting Your Search

Some companies rely on one or two recruitment methods to help find candidates, particularly if they had a reasonable about of success in the past. However, not all job seekers use the same resources, so, by limiting your options, you could be missing out on top talent.

Instead of sticking with the sources you’ve used in the past, consider branching out, especially if you are struggling to find quality applicants. By using this approach, you may gain access to a new candidate pool, allowing you to connect with professionals who may have otherwise not become aware of your vacancy.

If you are looking to add new talent to your team, the professionals at The Advance Group can help you find today’s top candidates. Contact us to see how our services can connect you with the better candidates you need to succeed.






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