All Ohio Engineers Need These 5 Skills


Engineers often have a broad range of duties, and their contributions are typically deemed critical for daily operations. Without competent engineers, a company may struggle with their equipment and technology, harming productivity and even potentially creating dangerous situations.

While each engineering role will differ, creating nuances in the required skill sets, certain skills are essential for nearly every engineer. With that in mind, here are five skills engineers need to be successful in their career.

1. Attention to Detail

Many engineering roles require meticulous concentration and an appreciation for the smallest details, including while working to solve an equipment problem or when helping determine what is needed for a new project. Even minor errors can have catastrophic results, and this makes attention to detail particularly important for all engineers, regardless of the industry in which they operate.

2. Problem Solving

When something goes wrong with a piece of equipment, engineers are often tasked with identifying the issue and finding a suitable solution. While some malfunctions are fairly cut and dry, others require strong problem-solving skills to address, particularly when under pressure.

3. Creativity

Whether used as a supplement to problem-solving skills or a method for streamlining operations, improving performance, and innovating new solutions, creativity is a valuable asset for engineers. Sometimes, an easy answer isn’t available, making ingenuity necessary to reach a point of resolution. Additionally, being able to develop new options is incredibly helpful, especially if they can increase profits or reduce costs.

4. Communication

Most engineers work with other professionals on projects, so they regularly encounter others who don’t have the same level of specialized knowledge. It isn’t uncommon for engineers to have to convey complex information in a way that those who are less savvy can understand, and this requires strong communication skills. Additionally, they need to update stakeholders on any progress made on issues as they occur, something that makes the ability to communicate coherently a necessity.

5. Mathematics

While the precise nature of the math can vary, most engineers need a solid understanding of mathematics based on the duties they perform. This can include calculations involving fractions to ensure enough materials are acquired to handle a repair to complex formulas to create solid performance estimates.

This doesn’t mean all engineers need high-level math skills, such as an understanding of calculus or trigonometry, but being competent in algebra and geometry isn’t an uncommon requirement.

Ultimately, every engineering role is different, so a variety of specialty skills are also often necessary to be successful in a particular job. However, those listed above are common for most engineers, no matter what industry in which they work or the company that hires them.

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