Fine-Tune Your Candidate Experience with This Advice


Often, the candidate experience serves as a strong first impression for job seekers exploring opportunities at your company, especially if they haven’t interacted with your organization before. Ensuring the experience is positive helps make you a more attractive employer, making it easier to locate and secure top talent for your vacancies.

If you want to fine-tune your candidate experience, you’ll need to evaluate every step in the process. Here is some advice on how to begin.

Personalize the Initial Contact

Most companies resort to canned correspondence when communicating with candidates about the status of their application. But an autogenerated response isn’t going to garner positive attention, and may not be read at all.

If you want to engage job seekers earlier, make sure to personalize these early communications. Use information about the candidate to help make the message unique, particularly the subject line of any emails. You can also add details about the responsibilities associated with the role, drawing the candidate in further and opening the door to additional questions that could be relevant to them.

Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

While a long or complex job application may serve your needs, it’s unlikely job seekers will take kindly to the amount of time required just to apply. In fact, one study suggested 60 percent of applicants will abandon an application part way through if it takes too long to finish, meaning a cumbersome process is likely costing you top talent.

To avoid these issues, it is best to evaluate your process from the perspective of job seekers. Then, work to simplify it as much as possible, removing extraneous steps whenever possible.

Prep Them for the Interview

Many hiring managers avoid sharing details about what candidates should expect for the interview, possibly in hopes of catching them off guard with particular questions. While you don’t need to tell job seekers everything about what they will encounter, offering them some guidance is a wise move.

This could include basics like the names of all participants (if there will be a panel), what materials to bring, and a general overview of what will be discussed or if a technical interview is part of the experience. The purpose isn’t to give them every question so they can prepare an answer in advance. Instead, you want to remove some of the mystery surrounding the meetings, helping them feel more at ease and well informed at the same time.

Communicate Consistently

One of the most common issues candidates have with hiring processes is a lack of communication. Often, they receive an automated message after their application is submitted, another regarding their interview, and then possibly a response regarding whether they got the job. Depending on the length of the process, these communications could be spread out over weeks, or even months, which is incredibly frustrating for job seekers.

To make a great impression, check-in with candidates regularly and let them know the current status of their application. Also, don’t shy away from questions, as this will help the applicant feel more secure in the process.

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