First Impressions Matter. Use This to Make a Better One!


First impressions are powerful. They build a foundation upon which every future interaction is based, impacting how you are perceived by that person from that moment going forward.

Making a strong first impression is essential, particularly when you are hoping to land a new job. But figuring out how to make a better one isn’t always easy. That is, until now.

If you are ready to improve how people perceive you from the beginning, here is an exercise that can help you make a better first impression.

Assess Your Previous Interactions

Whenever you want to make changes to your behavior, you need to begin by assessing what you usually do in those specific situations. To help you do this, ask yourself a few questions regarding how you typically handle an introduction.

For example, do you come off as confident or arrogant? Are you respectful of people’s personal space or do you tend to invade it? Do you take time to be an active listener or just wait for your chance to speak?

It’s critical you assess your actions honestly as this gives you a chance to identify any potential shortcomings. Then, you can begin to improve any areas where you are weak, helping you make a better first impression.

Take Stock of Your Strengths

As you consider your previous interactions, note any points where you typically shine. Maybe you’re an eloquent speaker, radiate confidence, or are a capable listener.

Whatever your strengths, make sure you recognize them. Not only is this a potential confidence booster, but it also lets you know which areas you don’t need to work on to make a positive first impression.

Address Your Weaknesses

Most people have a point or two where they struggle when making a first impression. Acknowledging where your weaknesses lie gives you a starting point for improvements. After you identify your shortcoming, you have two choices: Confront them or circumvent them.

If you want to improve your skill set, face your challenges head-on. Seek out opportunities that give you a chance to practice in those areas. For example, if group settings make you uncomfortable, consider joining a public speaking club to help you gain confidence.

Alternatively, if you have the ability to navigate around your weaknesses, that’s also an option. For example, if you’re great one-on-one, but not as part of a group; look for opportunities that allow you to meet with a person as an individual instead of the collaborative setting. This approach doesn’t necessarily help you correct a shortcoming, but it can be helpful in a pinch.

In the end, self-awareness is essential if you want to make better first impressions. See every introduction as an opportunity to practice your skills, giving you a chance to improve. With time, you’ll be able to correct or circumvent your weaknesses, ensuring you make the best first impression possible.

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