Here’s What Ohio Recruiters Are Looking for on Your LinkedIn Profile


When you’re looking for a job, LinkedIn is a powerful resource. Not only can you seek out new opportunities and connect with interesting recruitment professionals, but you can also design your profile to draw recruiters in, giving you access to positions that aren’t publicly advertised.

But, if you want to get an Ohio recruiter’s attention, you need to make sure your LinkedIn profile contains the right information. If you haven’t updated your profile in a while or want to make some adjustments to achieve better results, here’s how to get started.

Tell Your Professional Story

First and foremost, your LinkedIn profile needs to serve as a solid introduction. You need to let recruiters know who you are and what you have to offer.

Typically, a concise and straightforward approach is best. You also want to make sure you keep the reader’s needs in mind instead of just your own.

Provide the recruiter with a quick introduction to you as a professional. Let them know what your purpose is and highlight your most enticing skills and accomplishments.

Mention the Problem You Solve

Ultimately, every person who is brought into a company is hired to solve a problem, and you need to highlight what you bring to the table in that arena.

For example, do you boost sales? Are you skilled at cutting costs? Can you perform a specific function with the utmost care and expediency? Do you possess an in-demand skill?

What you bring forward will depend on your profession and industry, so adjust what you mention based on where your experience lies and your target roles.

Describe How You’re Different

When it comes down to it, a lot of professionals working in similar jobs have the same hard skills. This means, if you want to catch a recruiter’s attention, you also need to separate yourself from the back in a meaningful way.

Typically, this means you need to demonstrate your value on your LinkedIn profile clearly. For example, quantifying your accomplishments can be particularly effective, as well as mentioning unique on-the-job experiences that bolstered a relevant skill. You can also discuss in what ways you go above and beyond what is expected, or how you are striving to expand your knowledge in ways that aren’t demanded by your current position.

Ultimately, you need to demonstrate how you are different from the rest of the pack in a way that applies to your target roles, so forgo adding personal details that aren’t actually relevant. After all, LinkedIn is seen as a platform for professionals, so, while a letting your personality shine through is fine, you don’t want to deviate too far from the core objective.

If you would like to learn more about how you can make your LinkedIn profile more attractive to recruiters or are seeking new job opportunities, the team at The Advance Group can help. Contact us to speak with one of our knowledgeable recruiters today and see how our expertise can benefit your job search.






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