How to Turn Employees into Brand Ambassadors


Most companies recognize their employees are their greatest resource. Not only do they ensure daily operations run smoothly, they can also be some of your company’s most effective champions.

Having your staff act as brand ambassadors can do wonders in the area of recruitment. Job seekers often look for information shared by workers to learn about a company’s culture, something that has become increasingly important to highly skilled professionals.

If your employees aren’t serving as brand ambassadors, here is how you can encourage them to step into that role.

Seek Out Referrals

Most employees have robust networks and interact with other skilled professionals on a regular basis. When you request referrals to help fill vacant positions, you can tap into these networks, giving you access to potential candidates who might not otherwise apply.

For example, passive job seekers aren’t typically scanning job boards daily. Instead, they are keeping their eyes open for particularly enticing opportunities. When they hear about a vacant position from someone they know and trust, they might be more open to taking the leap.

Additionally, this approach gets your employees talking about your company, particularly if they love where they work and want others to have a chance to enjoy what they’ve found. If you’ve built a strong culture, they’ll be happy to discuss it, getting the word out about what you have to offer.

Avoid Scripting

When you tell your employees what to say, you’re almost guaranteed to encounter some level of resistance. Usually, the wording you choose isn’t what they would naturally select, so your workers may fear their efforts will seem artificial and salesy.

If you want them to function as brand ambassadors, encourage them to discuss your company in a way that feels natural. Don’t try to force the use of specific taglines, descriptions or phrases. Instead, let them extol your virtues from their perspective. Generally, this will result in more honest communications, making it more likely that, when they sing your praises, people will feel it is genuine.

Don’t Overlook Swag

When a company has a great product and treats their employees well, many employees would proudly wear branded t-shirts, use coffee mugs emblazoned with the company’s logo, or bring swag items into their daily rotation.

Often, swag doesn’t have to be expensive to be effective. However, it needs to be of reasonable quality, generally attractive, and useful. When those points come together, you may discover your workers are happy to don their swag items in public, increasing brand awareness in unexpected places. Plus, it can function as a reward for a job well done, especially if the items are well made and handy.

Ultimately, turning your employees into brand ambassadors doesn’t have to be challenging as long as you give them the proper tools and the necessary amount of flexibility to personalize their approach.

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