Stop Looking for Work at Work (And Start Looking Here!)


Looking for work while you are currently employed is inherently challenging. After all, you dedicate a significant amount of time each day to your employer, giving you less time to hunt down an amazing opportunity.

When faced with time constraints, some job seekers consider researching potential options while at work, but this can be a dangerous move.

Why You Shouldn’t Look for Work at Work

Conducting a job search while you are at work creates a certain amount of risk. First and foremost, your activities may be discovered by your manager or co-workers, increasing the odds word will get around that you are interested in leaving the company. Depending on your employer’s attitude, this could quickly put you on the chopping block.

If you try to use business resources, like a company computer or phone, the risk increases substantially. Your activities could be viewed as using the organization’s assets for personal gain, and many companies ban these actions in their employee policies. If your activities are noticed, either by an eyewitness or IT professional monitoring network traffic or incoming/outgoing calls and emails, you could face stiff penalties, including possible termination.

Ultimately, conducting a job search while at work could lead to backlash, so it’s best to avoid that approach, even if you are using your personal smartphone, tablet or another device to find new opportunities.

The Better Way to Conduct a Job Search

Even if you pull long hours with your current employer, that doesn’t mean you can’t conduct an effective job search. However, it does mean you need to take the right approach when you’re looking for work.

One of the best ways to proceed is to work with a local recruitment agency, like The Advance Group. Experienced recruiters understand the challenges you are facing and will work with you to ensure your current job isn’t put at risk unnecessarily.

For example, they can meet with you after work hours to discuss your needs and preferences. They can also ensure your activities are confidential, decreasing the likelihood a manager or co-worker at your workplace will find out you are interested in leaving.

Additionally, they can search for opportunities for you. Not only will you benefit from their placement expertise and connections, but also from the time they are able to dedicate to the process, making it easier for you to manage tasks like resume submissions and interviews with your busy schedule.

Ultimately, a skilled recruiter functions as a job search resource and advocate, allowing you to accomplish more in less time, all while being discrete.

If you are looking for work and are interested in finding a new position, the professionals at The Advance Group can connect you with exciting opportunities at some of the area’s most coveted employers. Contact us to speak with one of our knowledgeable team members today and see how our services can make your job search manageable, even if you are currently employed.






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