The Right (And Wrong!) Way to Cancel Your Industrial Interview


After landing an interview, few job seekers imagine needing to cancel their appointment. However, there are plenty of situations where that may occur.

For example, you might land another job right before another industrial interview or may end up with an unexpected scheduling conflict.

Typically, canceling an interview seems like a daunting task, regardless of the circumstances. However, it’s important you handle it properly, particularly if you want to potentially reschedule or maintain a positive relationship, should another opportunity arise in the future.

The Wrong Way to Cancel Your Industrial Interview

Just as failing to show up at your job without calling in isn’t a wise move, the absolute worst thing you can do is simply not show up to an industrial interview without contacting the hiring manager. Skipping the interview without letting them know you won’t make it will likely be perceived as rude and disrespectful, harming your chances of securing a position there in the future.

Similarly, intentionally waiting to make contact until right before your interview appointment isn’t ideal, especially if you have known for some time that you didn’t intend to make it. This prevents the hiring manager from calling someone else in to discuss the opportunity, so it also possibly harms another job seeker.

Sharing too much detail regarding why you are canceling can also come with repercussions, particularly if your reasoning may harm their perception of you. For example, canceling because you “forgot the interview was today” or “you don’t have enough gas in your car to make it” may make you seem irresponsible. Gloating about landing another job can come off as arrogant, especially if you imply it is better than what they were offering.

Ultimately, if you cancel the wrong way, it hurts your reputation. And it may extend beyond that hiring manager, particularly if they share how you handled the situation with their network.

The Right Way to Cancel Your Industrial Interview

First and foremost, it’s important to reach out as soon as possible. This gives the hiring manager the opportunity to make changes to their schedule and potentially bring someone else in to interview for the role.

Typically, you want to reach out by phone or email, depending on what information you’ve been provided. However, if you are giving less than 24 hours notice, a phone call is usually the best method since, even if you have to leave a voicemail, it is more likely to be received quickly.

Regardless of your approach, you want to keep things clear and concise. For example, begin the conversation or message by expressing your appreciation for being invited to interview. Then, extend your regrets and state you will not be able to attend.

If you’re hoping to reschedule, provide them with a very general explanation regarding your request. You could say, “I need to reschedule due to an unexpected work obligation,” or something similar, like a family emergency — as long as it’s true. Consider suggesting a day and time that would work for you, but don’t be forceful in your wording. In some cases, they’ll accommodate your needs but, in others, they may choose to cancel entirely.

When the goal isn’t to reschedule and, instead, simply cancel, you don’t need to provide a reason. Just let the hiring manager know that you are withdrawing your application and thank them for their consideration.

By handling the cancelation the right way, you don’t burn any bridges with hiring managers or employers. This is beneficial in the long run, especially if you may want to apply for another position with that company in the future.

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