Faster. Cheaper. When Temp Is a Smarter Hiring Option Than Full-Time


Managing the size of your workforce can be a challenge. Whether it’s navigating employee vacations or other forms of leave, adjusting to seasonal shifts in demand, or handling a large-scale project, having the right skills available is a necessity.

Often, companies default to seeking out new full-time, permanent workers when they require additional staff. But, there are some situations where bringing in temporary employees is a smarter, faster, and cheaper hiring option.

If you are wondering whether you should hire a full-time or contract worker, here are some signs that choosing a temp may be the right hiring option.

Covering Absences

Companies often have a wide range of duties that must be covered at all time. This can make it challenging if your permanent employee needs to take some time away from the workplace, especially if you rely on them for critical tasks and their workload can’t be easily covered by existing staff.

When this occurs, bringing in a temporary worker can be an excellent choice. You get access to a high-quality employee for the duration of the absence, ensuring that must-do tasks can be managed. Plus, once your permanent employee is ready to return, you can release the temp from the assignment without concerns like unemployment.

Seasonal Demand

A wide variety of industries are affected by seasonal demand. Workloads can increase dramatically for a specific portion of the year then return to a low point once the season is over.

If you hire full-time, permanent team members to cover seasonal upticks, you’ll inevitably have to consider layoffs once the workload decreases during the slow season. But, if you choose to supplement your workforce with temps, that burden is eliminated.

Contract employees understand that their time with your organization is limited and, since they never officially join your payroll, you don’t have to worry about the financial impacts that generally accompany a layoff.

Project Hires

At times, companies need to complete projects that require a specific set of skills that aren’t necessary for daily operations. Luckily, you can find temporary workers that specialize in nearly any field.

By choosing a contract employee, you gain access to the skills you require for a project for the duration of the tasks. Then, once the project is complete, you can respectfully part ways. This approach is incredibly common when it comes to finding someone with expertise for tech projects that aren’t part of your core business.

Working Interviews

In some cases, bringing in a temporary worker gives you a chance to effectively host a working interview. You can see if their skills meet your needs, evaluate their attitude, and judge whether they fit into the workplace.

If they aren’t a great match, you can release them from the assignment and seek out a new candidate. However, if you find that they’re a perfect fit, you can extend a permanent job offer, officially making them a long-term part of your team.

Ultimately, temp employees can be an incredible asset to businesses looking to manage costs, hire quickly, or evaluate a person with potential. If you are interested in learning more, the professionals at The Advance Group can help you explore your hiring options. Contact us to speak with one of our knowledgeable team members and see how our services can benefit your company today.






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