You Graduated – Now It’s Time to Get to Work!


After long nights of studying, countless research papers, and more tests than you likely care to remember, you did it; you graduated! Receiving your degree is a major accomplishment and one that certainly should be celebrated. But, it also singles a significant transition in your life as you begin to take your first big step into the workforce.

Now that you’ve got your diploma in hand, it’s time to dominate the job market and get to work. If you’re ready to get started, here’s what you need to do.

Put Your Internships to Work

If you completed an internship or two while earning your degree, now is the time to leverage that experience. Make sure to display them prominently on your resume as this lets hiring managers know that you aren’t starting at ground-level in professional workplaces.

Record the experience on your resume as you would any form of paid employment. Highlight your accomplishments, note the skills you used and acquired, and showcase why you would make a great employee once you get to work.

Start Making Connections

The last thing you want to do after earning a degree is let it gather dust. Instead, now is the perfect time to put yourself out there and begin networking your heart out. You can also look for volunteer opportunities that let you leverage your skills while you search for long-term employment in your field, helping you gain additional experience and hit the ground running.

Plus, as you start making connections by networking or volunteering, you can improve your elevator pitch and communication skills. All of these interactions could be valuable, so treat them like the opportunities they are to get the most out of your time before you land a job.

Refine Your Resume Often

Consider your resume to be a living document that is always under construction. Target the content to every job you apply to and tweak the details as you figure out what works and what doesn’t.

The more you review your resume, the easier it will be to create a quality document. You’ll be more adept at quantifying your experience, highlighting what you have to offer, and speaking about your skills.

Be Realistic

It’s important to remember that landing your dream job straight out of college isn’t probably going to happen. Your first position is simply a stepping stone, letting you put your skills to work while you gain experience and increase the size of your network.

By avoiding unrealistic expectations, you can find a job that can help you take valuable steps towards your long-term goals, including having that dream job one day. If you aren’t realistic, you may turn down excellent opportunities in hopes of landing a role that never comes around.

Work With a Recruiter

If you want help during your job search, working with a reputable staffing firm can be a great way to start. These recruitment professionals are well-connected in the community and often partner with coveted employers for all their hiring needs.

If you are seeking new opportunities, the professionals at The Advance Group can connect you with leading employers throughout the area. Contact us to discuss your goals today and see how our services make it easy to get your career started on the right foot and get to work today.






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